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marketing is a new marketing battlefield, micro-blog in China belongs to a beginning of a new application, micro-blog in a unique way in changing people’s way of life, the development of space and development potential is very large, the current micro-blog marketing is in the initial stage, there is a great space. If you can see the market, seize this opportunity, the next round of the Internet boom will belong to you.

, founder of SF, Wang Wei,

is another listed company with billions of market capitalization. While the outside world understanding of SF may still firmly stuck in the side of the express little brother. Phoenix Science and technology combed the ten stories about SF, to help you more in-depth understanding of the company sf.

2 and 1993, the 22 year old Wang Wei founded the SF, the initial company only 6 people, the business is in Hong Kong and Shenzhen shuttle, to help people carry parcels, business letters contract. The small company expanded rapidly over the next period of time. 2004, SF sales of 1 billion 300 million yuan; 2010 growth to 12 billion yuan; in 2013, SF turnover reached 28 billion yuan, net profit of about 1 billion 200 million yuan, express volume of about 1 billion 100 million. To 2014, SF’s annual turnover has exceeded 40 billion.


4, in advance at the end of the direct policy, under the Wang Wei > for some "nail households"

in fact, SF has successfully backdoor listing, Ding Tai new material name change is only the last step in the form. Last night, Ding Tai new materials released the first performance of SF backdoor, 2016 profits over 4 billion yuan. Yesterday, Ding Tai new stock prices rose 8.67%, the market value approaching 200 billion yuan.


in tact, in the pass, Shen Tong three express company after the listing, the express industry another gangster – SF EXPRESS traced today will be listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange bell when you see this article for 2 hours, but if the bell person is the founder of Wang Wei is unknown.

1, micro-blog marketing status and promotion skills:

3 and 1999, Wang Wei made a decision that was out of tune with the industry and began nationwide action. In 2002, SF changed from franchise system to direct operation system, and set up its own enterprise headquarters in Shenzhen. At that time, China only did the national team EMS in this mode.

recently, the topic of the courier industry has been running.

1, SF head Wang Wei will become the richest person in the private express industry. According to the new material Dingtai backdoor announcement, after the completion of the transaction, the largest shareholder of the company will be changed to the Ming Tak Holdings, the shareholding ratio of 64.58%. Wang Wei is the legal representative of Ming Tak Holdings, with a shareholding ratio of 99.90%. According to the past few days the average price of the transaction, Wang Wei’s worth will be more than 120 billion yuan, which will exceed the actual controller Yu Huijiao couple, the top private courier industry richest man throne.

is also open for a micro-blog or micro-blog also started as friends, to do more to micro-blog marketing as a business of one’s own website, micro-blog is an accumulation of the Internet are well-known in micro-blog, said: "everybody is a star, because each micro-blog blogger has his fans. Still your fans have 100 songs, so, you are still in this magazine; more than 1000 fans, then you are the bulletin board; if more than 10 thousand fans, then that is a publication of the 1 million; if there is, then you are a fan of the TV station; if you are one hundred million, then you CCTV is very important; the accumulation and development of micro-blog, do not rush to advertise selected starting point, a little bit accumulation, when you reach a certain number of fans to do the marketing, the effect will be just to do the marketing effect is much better than you, we may understand the Forum community marketing, you go to a popular community such as Tianya, sh419 Post Bar directly released a Taobao customer links will not be able to get traffic now, and would be ShanTie even title processing, there are more interested, first in a mixed community A certain visibility and then send the appropriate advertising, the administrator can feel shy to delete your post, you can even mix to the owner to send advertising, micro-blog marketing is the reason, did the happy net, renren SNS Taobao customer marketing friends must understand, the need to constantly add friends, with N a vest to transform tricks, ultimately achieve the desired effect, but a community forum and a post influence with a micro-blog than can be said is too weak, micro-blog is a depth spread and depth accumulation circle, is different from the traditional forum, unlike SNS, he is a unique new model, a case, Sina micro-blog "grassroots joke" currently has 1252845 fans, according to my statistics, he is a micro-blog point, forwarding number can reach an average About 15 thousand, the number of comments can reach about 3000-5000, a micro-blog coverage of about 150 thousand passengers, according to the TaoURL in micro-blog’s data show that up to 15 thousand forwarding and about 3000 of the proportion of the comments, if a URL, click the IP range is about 150 thousand IP or so, that is to say he is a micro-blog take the advertisement click effect can reach 150 thousand times, according to the specific data and content. That is to say, the effect of a micro-blog can reach us

SF belong to the backdoor listing, backdoor Dingtai new material on January 18th announcement that the company intends to use the securities referred to by the din of new material "is changed to" SF holdings, stock code unchanged.




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