Chinese entrepreneurs imagine learning American jobs and learning JapaneseThe naughty new three boar

as a shareholder of more than 200 people delisting the company reach the sea, the intelligent concern. In order to successfully buy back, the sea smart took out a sincere buyback program. The highest repurchase price is 7.2 yuan. Over the past six months, the average price of the interval reached 7.43 yuan, which means that the company took care of the interests of the overwhelming majority of the two market shareholders.

she also mentioned that China has a market, can cooperate with other people’s imagination, do not have to compete in imagination. We do not need to put ourselves in a "other people, I have to have" the state, but should be "other people have, how can I take over, let me use it better?"".

looking at global commodities, it is difficult to find "not made in China", but "China creates" has little influence in the world.

, a third price to buy back shares, the highest pay 272 million yuan

according to the company announcement, in May 3rd this year, held in 2017 third temporary shareholders’ meeting, the company has considered the adoption of the motion to terminate the listing. Now it’s time to start buying shares of dissent shareholders.

may be quiet for too long, recently, she just one appearance yujingsizuo.

read three new board researchers noted that by the end of last year, the sea has more than 200 intelligent shareholders. Attend the general meeting of shareholders to consider delisting matters to shareholders a total of 18 people voting shares held 70 million 174 thousand shares, accounting for 64.98% of the total number of shares of the company, and this part of the shares to terminate the listing decision without objection. That is to say, about 35.02% of the shares are within the repurchase scope.

calls for national entrepreneurship in the country, mass innovation era, the people look forward to the China can come up with shlf1314, Facebook, Groupon, Instagram and other major period of independent innovation, Gu Yi remarks immediately caused a lot of people on the Internet Tucao, but now, China entrepreneurs did not venture in this way.

this is our short board. As an entrepreneur, we are more aware of our own shortcomings than others. On this basis, take "ism", take its essence, discard its dross, and use it for me too

so now, many entrepreneurs can get a lot of resources and support is not good enough in the early days, not because of the ability, but imagination after lack of vigor, is like a wonderful beginning, behind vague; or that simply do not want oneself to set up their own limit, since that run everywhere give up.

according to the highest repurchase price and repurchase ratio calculated, the company needs to pay 272 million yuan. Will the buyback be successful,


June 20th, delisting imminent sea intelligence issued a "dissenting shareholder rights protection measures notice" within 90 days, the stock repurchase objection to the shareholders of the company pledged stock in the stock transfer system after the termination of the listing.

, because they do not dare to do, but because of the lack of Chinese dare to think, now is this kind of person.

intelligent sea third gear the price to buy back shares, the highest pay 272 million yuan.

normally, dissenting shares

Chinese people lived in a world around right and wrong, and no one encouraged us to imagine.

Abstract: now, many entrepreneurs can get a lot of resources and support is not good enough in the early days, not because of the ability, but imagination after lack of vigor, is like a wonderful beginning, behind vague; or simply dare not to think, give yourself a cap that everywhere the wall was abandoned.

to the delisting, repeatedly toss, do not stop the resumption of sea intelligence has finally come to the stage of the repurchase of shares.

than another delisted three new board company Suzhou garden buyback pressure doubled. Suzhou garden in March 31st this year successfully terminated the listing, the number of shareholders also more than 200 people.

had to admit that Chinese in a serious shortage of imagination Chinese football is destroyed by this in the business environment, and although our imagination has largely been liberated, but want to go beyond childhood and the Americans, the odds.

can’t imagine it. Admit it,

in the fall of 2015, before the impression notes, Chinese general manager Gu Yi left. Now, she is in Ventures and Hemi capital management partner identity again into the public view.

offers three repurchase prices for the shares of dissident shareholders, which are 4.3 yuan, 6.9 yuan and 7.2 yuan, respectively, as follows:



to meet the above three conditions at the same time, shareholders, the sea will be intelligent coordination of the company’s first, second, third or other major shareholders of the acquisition of shares held by dissenting shareholders.

talks about the real difference between Chinese entrepreneurs and American entrepreneurs, that is, imagination is not as good as American entrepreneurs.

Suzhou garden held a shareholders’ meeting delisting matters, a total of 30 people attended, the shareholding ratio of 85.4%, that is to say only 14.6% of the shares in the repurchase range.

was a smart object to repurchase the sea to meet these three conditions: first, the third temporary general meeting of shareholders equity registration date registered; second, did not attend the shareholders’ meeting or not vote; third, the company terminated listed within 90 days, require the company to repurchase shares.

The great idea of many companies in Silicon Valley

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