Wang Feng’s four hour speech 10 relationships to be dealt with by entrepreneursOptimization method o

third is a "geek" identity, venture capital fund partner, "geek help" extensive layout in the software, Internet, games, intelligent hardware and other fields, on behalf of the project: "my name is MT", "national hero", "seven hegemony" etc. Mobile Games, fast software and Lingyun electric cars.


method can be summarized into two kinds: first, comparison method; two, transposition thinking method.

two, transposition thinking. How to change the law? Of course not rivals transpositions, and consumers are transposed, do Pu’er Tea products, businesses are very clear mind product positioning target people what their own, is the business to do, see themselves as these people to see themselves this tea shop, then as your own consumers, imagine you on the tea is most interested in what? What would you want to know what to buy this kind of tea? What will make you have a desire to buy a series of problems?. The problem arises, as a business, you should know how to combine product characteristics advantages, selling points, quality, etc. to cater to consumers, right?. Merchants can use text to describe, of course, there are many ways, such as audio, video and so on.

said yes, the competitors, once half a year ago in a business Pu’er Tea e-commerce company, is a Taobao mall, credit is not a problem, the biggest worry is that the sales manager can always keep up with their competitors which is specific and which Pu’er Tea company, in which the author don’t explain, hope you understand. Then as you like, the author through the analysis and research, put forward the improvement plan in the next is needless to say, we take the hint. Nonsense, do not say more, to enter the topic, the author is not to tell you this program, but to get this program baby description, optimization ideas, methods. It is better to give fish than to give fish.

this is the blue harbor interactive chairman, axe technology CEO Wang Feng in 2016 Sina entrepreneurship training camp for up to four hours of lectures to share.  


on the Internet have studied how to improve the conversion rate of Taobao problems and analysis of a lot of Taobao master, they are very detailed and thorough analysis, practicality is very strong, the author is not based on the master on the false comment. However, some businesses are still confused about their sales as competitors, the conversion rate has not yet achieved their desired results. Therefore, the author believes that Taobao merchants can also improve the conversion rate to a greater extent on the existing basis. Next, the author on this issue, combined with their own practical experience, talk about their own experience.


so many years down, I found the enterprise is too difficult, difficult in what place, some people say: "difficult in me can not fix the product, wrong; difficult in I do not have cattle technology, wrong; difficult in I will not cheat money wrong.".

I venture the most difficult, cudgel thinking, is whether you can change insight into the world, whether they have the ability to penetrate the trend. Entrepreneurship is a close call process, including the relationship between the ten can not be avoided, needs to be handled properly.

One of the

is the first identity, is listed on the Hong Kong stock company Blue Harbor interactive group 8267.HK founder, chairman and CEO, the company was founded in 2007, after nearly 8 years of hard pioneer, December 30, 2014 finally listed in Hongkong, can be described as "obsession, that echoes";

I personally do not support entrepreneurs to participate in Entrepreneurship show, to venture into the speech contest, the speech is singing, the audience has applauded, and fans, this is not a farce? If so, you may not be that lucky, even if you are packaged in a lucky, is not reliable and because you don’t have time on the show.

relationships: relationship with investors

Hello, I’m Wang Feng, and now I have three major identities.

, don’t go to the so-called Internet conferences, successful minds, chicken soup sharing conferences, VC insights into the future direction of the conference…… This is not reliable, even if I speak, you also don’t listen; do not run all day, the sun name card said. "My name is XXX, we have a business, you have time to talk?" they immediately said: "I don’t have time to go back right away." That’s what investors think. It’s impossible to talk about.

second is a start-up company identity, axe FUZE Entertainment technology and the founder of CEO, the company is committed to creating a home entertainment terminal Internet platform, has received from IDG capital, Fosun capital, northern lights, music, storm and other investment;

how do you find the money? First of all, you should find the first money from the people you trust. If your resources well, you can find Wang Feng, find Li Kaifu, find Jiang Tao, find Xu Xiaoping, this is possible; but if you do not have this ability, you still have to think about, can you trust from you, to think of a way to tap the resources around us.

a contrast method. As we all know, there is a saying, "success can be replicated", and yes, the successful model can be used for reference. This store I work collectively referred to as the rival A shop, B shop, two Pu’er Tea mall, by contrast, baby description template has the very big difference should give us screenshots as evidence, but the picture has not, it is regrettable:A shop baby description template for Pu’er Tea physical details the soup color pictures and pictures; B is not only a physical store, soup color pictures, but also with detailed persuasive text and so on. Contrast has been the result, and the next is to learn from the description of the B shop, combined with the actual A shop to optimize their own description template. Believe that needless to say, we also understand this train of thought.

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