On three thought Taobao money offVenture capital Rothenberg faces collapse founder spend public fun

I am also just beginning to do Taobao customers, so it is also standing in a new angle to chat with you, I do Taobao customers methods and ideas. I sort it out, I think it’s easy to be a Taobao guest, and if you do these three things, it’s still easy to make money. To sum up, there are three points: simplification of complex problems, simplification of extreme problems, replication of extreme problems. I call it narcissism three".


had previously reported that several top executives of the company had split up with Rothenberg, including the head of Finance and its San Francisco division – the Tom Leep and the Tommy Leep. Subsequently, the company executives such as water as a home, such as the company’s chief revenue officer on the day before the resignation of chief financial officer; in June had left; general manager James Taylor recently left; May 2014 entry Rothenberg Ventures bursting with happiness to the former Time Inc CEO Fran Hauser digital, has updated its leading English on the day before yesterday home, that any of its position since July is no longer served as Rothenberg Ventures.

a huge "Rothenberg" is how is it? Rothenberg Ventures is currently accepting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC investigation, after the bottom of employees of the company to the SEC report, the company has a communication fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. Informed sources said that the employee was subsequently expelled from the company, is now planning the implementation of the company filed a lawsuit to take revenge.

according to relevant personage discloses, establish four years of San Francisco seed venture company Rothenberg Ventures already precarious, have the possibility of "rupture" at any time.

, in fact, the company’s more difficult problem should be the founder Rothenberg himself. Rothenberg sometimes feels like he’s not the manager of a financially nervous venture fund but rather a billionaire. His lavish, often with a generous to attract people to become wealthy investors; for a long time, he also began to pursue and who have the same fame.

            new people do not want to do too complicated, the promotion methods do not learn too complex. Now there are many methods such as Amoy mainstream, SEO long tail keywords, soft Wen promotion, group Promotion Forum promotion and so on. We should put these complex ways just to look at a simple look, which method is best suited to their own or love the most, even our most profitable method, then is the method of choice, not to consider other, concentrate on a wide selection of methods, such as SEO don’t go on promotion, group promotion. This is water three thousand, yipiao.

extreme simple questions

All the investigations at

executives run away, the media sent to Rothenberg Ventures information, but has not yet received a reply. An insider said, Rothenberg Ventures founder Mike Rothenberg told the rest of the people, "there will be no more people left."." However, since the night before, the site of Rothenberg Ventures has been unable to open.

SEC were conducted in secret. A survey does not mean that they will file in the federal court or take administrative measures to deal with it.

hunting cloud network Translation: Cai Miaoxian August 20th report

millionaire Road,

once, the story of Rothenberg Ventures inspired countless people

              after the selection of a guest promotion method, it was studied. For example, do SEO optimization long tail keywords, it is necessary to study hard SEO technology, in fact, SEO is to do the original and the chain. The original and the chain to achieve the acme, original and outside chain, never too much. Other promotion methods are similar, and a simple way to achieve the acme of perfection, is the best way to promote.

third ultimate replica

              Citation Network: the true saying success can be replicated. This is not only to say that other people’s success can be copied, and that their own success also needs to be copied and must be copied. Taobao off too, if you have a method to study the Tao and downright have income, the next step is to replicate his success. For example, the school to promote guest to earn money, can be copied to the local mode of happy net, SNS SNS community, the same successful copy never too much. This is the Taobao


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