LZCMS something about the accuracy of the website

now query website, can be described as an endless stream, but few are accurate, below we will talk about this aspect of something.

one, query the major search engine included amount

now has many web sites that provide information about pages or tools that are included in the search engines, but many are not always available, and the accuracy of queries is not high. For example, the more famous linkhelper, the principle of this station is like this. For example, you in a certain time of the day included a query for your website, the station had included the amount of your site to record to the database, if any time you this day in the query, the amount collected is not changed, so that you are not too accurate query. In fact, we all major web site traffic to their own Baidu and Google, did not change to go to these inquiries, web site inquiries, directly open Baidu or Google inquiries, so that the results of inquiries and accurate and fast.

two, query PR value

now has websites that provide tools for querying PR values, but there are a lot of station queries that are unreliable, because when Google queries PR, a IP is limited each day. Their clothes server is no exception, so sometimes when you check on a website, your website PR is probably this number, and another website may be another number. This morning, when I checked my stop at the station at linkhelper, plus the WWW query, when the first query PR value didn’t show up, it turned out to be a fork. When I checked, the PR value was 0. I am a bit puzzled, and I went to Google official inquiries, www’s PR is still PR5, ah, Google toolbar is also displayed pr5. I just understand that these query sites check the PR value is not necessarily completely accurate.

maybe you have to ask, so which websites check PR values more accurately?. Chinese webmaster home check PR value is relatively authoritative, that is, this station advertising more, not easy to find. Of course, if you can find the ch code of your website, you can call the official website of Google directly. If you are free of trouble, you install a Google toolbar directly, the PR value of the query site is fast and accurate, the data is also constant.

three, inquires the web site of the chain

, if you want to check the web site of the chain, of course, a web site outside the chain change is not a day a few values, you free trouble, you can use the general query tools, the site will do. But if you have the time every day, it is best to go to the major search engines themselves, so you do not have to worry about is not accurate. Query the reverse link of Google, you install a Google toolbar on the line, PR value and reverse at a glance.

sum up, after we need to check what the website related data, the best is on the official website, the website may also have a variety of reasons, such as speed, too many queries, query the server overvoltage, number >

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