From the Baidu com domain name was modified to see Baidu nc domain name deployment

January 12, 2010, Tuesday, for many Chinese, it’s just a very ordinary day. However, for the global Baidu search users, is a very sad day, this day, their information database, domain name can not access, according to friends: "the earliest discovered is an Australian man, 6 in the morning in the group message, said in his visit not Baidu." Until I write this morning Beijing time 11:12, Baidu still can’t access the domain name of the website, until 12 pm back to normal. Some netizens using IP address access proved successful. Obviously, this is another domain name hijacked event.

[domain name information traces]

the author retrieved the domain name database (Whois) from the Internet:

, WHOIS, results, for,


Domain Discreet


, Rua, Dr., Brito, Camara, n 20, 1

, Funchal, Madeira, 9000-039


Phone: 1-902-7495331

Email: [email protected]

Registrar Name… : (registrar)

Registrar Whois… :

Registrar Homepage:

Domain Name:

Created on………… : 1999-10-11

Expires on………… : 2014-10-11

Administrative Contact:

Domain Discreet


, Rua, Dr., Brito, Camara, n 20, 1

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