Novice webmaster better than yourself

first tell you a story, the story is that a person has difficulty, unable to solve the problem, then go to the temple for guanyin. Entering the temple, ask Avalokiteshvara to help him, he found the front of the statue of a man in worship, the strange thing is that people look and Guanyin as like as two peas no less.

the man asked, "do you look like Avalokiteshvara?" the man answered, "I am the goddess of mercy."."

the man asked again, "why do you still worship yourself?" said Kwan Yin with a smile. "I have encountered difficulties, but I know that it is better to ask for help than to help yourself."."

you read the story about you? It is better for one to think of yourself! I believe we are all from the new owners to come! I just started to do now, just two days ago to do a website, they took a long time to do after the template and content. Ready to find a few links, find a few types of websites, and then find the webmaster, ask if you can exchange links. They are all answered "PR is a few ah, flow is how much?" and then I say is new station, there is either said not to do, or even do not even back, so really hit the novice webmaster,


then, I used other ways to find links, got a few blogs, changed a few forum signatures, and also worked. If you have the ability to, you can also send an article on the Admin5, so that the effect is better!


ask for help rather than yourself. Yes, it’s really good for our new people. We should do our best and get good results. We can’t rely on others for long.

, the website I did was:, thank you all,


links, buying and selling, exchanging links,,

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