Personal experience in applying for a DMOZ editor

the following is my application, DMOZ editor failed to pass, but they still mail back to me, I hope to have friends willing to apply as a reference:

XX XX Hello:

thank you for making an effort to become an editor for the open directory project.

after careful consideration, we have not been able to approve your application. Generally speaking, the reasons for the auditor’s refusal to apply for the editor include (but are not limited to) the following:

* application form incomplete. Some of the columns are incomplete, such as reasons for application, your associated websites, websites, samples and so on.

*, improper terminology grammar or punctuation.

The URL samples provided by

* * are not suitable for inclusion in the categories under application. They may be too wide, too narrow or totally inconsistent; of poor quality; or whose language does not meet the requirements of the category. If you apply for the category below World: Chinese Simplified, but the web site provided in the sample contains only non simplified Chinese content of the site, your application will be rejected. Similarly, if your application is in the English language category or other World language category, and any web site sample does not meet the language requirements of this category, your application will also be rejected.

* has not been able to disclose all your associated websites honestly and completely.

The title or description (or other information supplied by a sample of a

URL) tends to be subjective and promotional rather than objective and impartial. The role of an open directory editor is not to rank websites or write web reviews. Editors describe websites and their content to be objective and impartial.

* self promotion. If the application makes us believe that the main purpose of the applicant is to promote his or his website, the application will be rejected. Open directories are not marketing tools; the public should not bypass the formal web submission process by becoming an editor. If this is the purpose of the applicant, we would advise him not to file an application. Any editor who has been found to have improperly promoted his or her associated website will be dismissed immediately.

because we receive a large number of applications every day, we are unable to give individual replies to each application, or to explain the reasons for the rejection. If the auditor chooses to give you an additional opinion, these comments will be listed in the following "auditor’s opinion" section.

thank you again for your willingness to join our volunteer work.

open directory, sincerely.

auditor’s opinion:

Hello, wenxuejie,

first of all, thank you for your application for World/Chinese_Simplified/ Art / literature / Web work

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