Exploration of O2O community operation model in education industry

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project this article from the part of recent cooperation in PPT, the author is currently in publication system engaged in online education products work, teaching is a part of education publishing industry, publishing institutions engaged in major education industry also has its own brand of education, at the same time in seeking their way out of the publishing industry. Based on the current trend of Internet development and the advantages of some traditional publishing resources, an exploration of the mode of "teaching assistant O2O community model" can be used to communicate with interested friends.


Yu Minhong said when talking about educational reform, the future online model should be toward the O2O model and simple online model. Taiqi CEO Ran East think that online education must be combined with the traditional ", O2O is the only solution for online education."

teaching assistant O2O community operation mode foundation

Internet Education + traditional teaching assistant mode of operation, changes in the past to the user (traffic) access mode to the user using the scene to create changes

1, the user group has a certain degree of awareness of the brand

2, the original product content model has been verified by a large number of users,

3, through the Internet thinking mode of operation, change the traditional way of providing content, increase the added value of products

4, mobile Internet form change new traffic (user) access mode, relying on community operation mode, to create user scenarios

in the publishing industry as an example, the voice of the bad mouthing the traditional media industry, including traditional newspapers, television, and the publishing industry, the industry downturn if it is an inevitable trend, it is the flow.

in the next period of time, because the Internet users in technology, changes in the scene with a certain degree of change in the paper book demand form, if it is homogeneous products, will be replaced by the Internet new scenes and new technology. However, in the industry, the quality of the high quality content in the paper publishing, the high value-added user experience must be great. The essential needs of the user are constant and unchanged. The basic appeal of the public to acquire ways of learning, information, and reading is always there, only through the Internet or through traditional media.


users how to effectively solve the "listening and speaking, reading and writing, more efficient, through the Internet platform is a way of teaching (through traditional paper about" writing "teaching to complete the user needs to solve), to guide the user through the online implementation of" learning "the maximum conversion effect.

market development will inevitably replace some old business models, but commercial essential requirements >

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