Where is the air outlet for mother and baby websites

what are the most important relationships in today’s social and family relationships,


husband and wife,



mother-in-law relationship,


is a parent-child relationship. It’s the most important thing in family relationships.

Why is

the parent-child relationship important since Needless to say, the network of overwhelming information: what, what the development of early fetal education, intelligence, personality, parent-child communication, has been the major smart business quarrel is the major television stations turn the world upside down; family show page is fire in a complete mess.

problems facing mother and baby sites

1, serious homogenization, and some time ago did not give birth to the famous mother and child web site "baby tree" copying wheat field "Mom Q & a" data storm. Then open each big mother and child class website, related column function and content, remove the color, block logo, you think it is the same website. Content piled up, products and more complete, completely outstanding features of a web site.

2, revenue model is very single, most maternal and child class website’s profit way is the basic website advertising and store baby products mainly, is also part of the Tao do. The advent of the mobile Internet era, so that the mother and child class in the mobile terminal to play more, and the phone side of the page does not allow you to put advertising.

3, the new media impact, micro-blog, WeChat, since the media to seize the website of the Ministry of maternal and child class less traffic, the traditional media such as television, radio and expert lecture class is its mother class expert PK maternal website community known amateur and took a considerable part of the customer.

4, the impact of large, small survival, giant Tencent, Sohu, Sina, Tianya to most of the flow, the forum is mother network, Tianya plate, good children, parent-child baby tree carve up website. Small and medium-sized sites, poor traffic.

Where is the

, mother, and child web site?


1, changes in the mode of operation, to understand user appeal. Keep up with the pace, now operating community class account is not too late. In addition, to understand the user’s appeal, the user’s mother and child web site is mainly learning, communication and sharing. Most of the pregnant mothers are not risking radiation on PC for a long time to see the post, now the main forum for maternal and child class site should consider other ways to highlight the

website user experience?

2, embrace from the media, micro-blog, WeChat, video screen site to create a group of quite a large base of diehard powder from the media, if the mother and child web site can leverage from the media.

3, attention to details, pay attention to the website data, user experience, a site if you talk about just verbally profit model, thinking of the Internet, and do not care about the website data, user experience and various promotion details, no doubt. Simple details: for example, the vision of a pregnant woman will decline for some time during pregnancy, so if the mother and child industry station can

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