Five aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of local property portal website

for the local real estate portal website construction outside from the station name, domain name, server and program and test these five aspects, don’t look at these five aspects is not very much, but if you do these five aspects is very not easy, and even some people therefore encounter in Waterloo, will have to make the site sent to the garbage site ranks, we are going to talk about how to do these five aspects of


1: select domain name

since it is a local real estate portal, the natural site inside to have Fangzi, or house, that is the house of the website, then add the local shorthand in front, if it is in Hefei, it is set to hfhouse or hffangzi and so on, of course, maybe this domain name has been registered, or spend money, either a kind of meaning but not to others and the domain name, otherwise it is very easy to help others to do the wedding, such as when my website is hfxhouse, but later found that everyone will use the hfhouse domain name, the domain name can not be easily visible


two: station name selection


is area of the real estate portal, will not be able to call a very atmospheric station, for example, when we want to Hefei real estate portal name set for the real news network, but the real news network in a very large portal, rather than local portal, and if they compete with a station, as can be imagined is very difficult, so we changed the name to Hefei real news network, so it can effectively avoid these large portal direct competition, and can be based on local resources advantage, to form their own in the local market, when their website name good choice, positioning is completed, you can according to your target user promotion this time! So it can achieve a multiplier in the promotion of the role of


three: select program

program is very easy for people to make mistakes, the author would therefore pay a heavy price, because the program itself needs technical content is relatively large, if there is no strength do not embrace this porcelain work, I had the courage to is on a two development in the original CMS program, but their whole nearly a month did not put this two development work to do, there are even more holes, so I wasted a lot of time not to say also let a lot of people because I this program out of nothing, but wages but can not be less visible, if you think the programming ability is not very strong words, it is best to outsource, two development or ask professional personage to carry out the program, it can improve the work efficiency, but also can save the development Cost!


four: site testing

testing sites, must consider Baidu and Google search engine, rather than behind closed doors test, when our website on-line just through 71>

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