For the webmaster and want to be the webmaster poured cold water

to see this topic, some people may have been in the heart scolded. But anyway, I’m kind enough to work with people to analyze the web and study websites. As for the analysis of the right, but please tell me what you want to go. First introduce yourself, I contact the network at the end of 2002, by the end of 05 learning to build the station, 06 years and 07 years running local forum (now closed), there is still a small station, cool dog Almighty search, interested in going to see. With the source of others built, I didn’t go to school computer, not technology, is a bit too simple, let everyone laughed. All right, no more talking. Cut to the point.


builds a website, everybody wants to think what to build a website to be what to do, absolutely be to make money, just interest, or I just learn Lei Feng, serve for the people, do not read. Build what website, this involves website fixed position problem. In Admin5 dive for more than half a year of water, found that most of what is the local web site, site navigation station, and what some vertical web site, and so on and so on. Vertical web site is OK, what kind of site, site navigation class, if not a lot of money burned, advised you not to do it. Local information ports, government portals or something. They have deep pockets, information more quickly. What do you compare with them? They dare to hijack all kinds of statistical codes to insert his ad, can you? I have seen, open hao123, have their floating ad.

looked at A5, I do not know which eldest brother wrote "small county website low-cost promotion example", really good. What I want to ask is, how long can you hold it? Like my county, the population is about 400000. The Internet is at least 20W, who is not less, we do a half floating word advertisement on TV, do 2 years of advertising in newspapers, although sometimes also held the line activities, but they use the Internet in addition to entertainment or entertainment, occasionally focus on local, or the Baidu post bar. Piss you off。 So I think the forum at the county level has been closed. Take a look at the site navigation category, this kind of Web site are stereotyped, nothing new. Of course, except for industry. Domestic already has Baidu’s good 123, Google’s 265, and another called "114". Other site navigation stations add 100 times the total traffic. I don’t think it’s 123 better. If you don’t have any ideas or lots of money, don’t do it. The 114, is integrated into the system of the wind slowly fame. There is also called cyber code site navigation, relying on customized QQ plug-in, but it can not hold long. You said that China has hundreds of millions of people on the Internet, a point is not a small number, and that is right, you have money, you go to burn it. There are various other industry class website, in addition to a few very well-known outside, other I think the day is not too good, here will not say more. Forget to say what is called the coldest month Hu Jian weiduomei site navigation, creative advertising and website good too much poison (the top – speed traffic exchange code), 2 words, nausea.

so I recognize <

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