How can the electricity supplier website increase the price to retain customers

production costs, labor costs, operating costs are growing, in this case, the electricity supplier is only two ways to choose: reduce costs or raise unit prices. But the cost is said to drop down, so many electricity providers have chosen to raise prices?. But raising your prices at will can only get you out of your mind, irritate your customers, and eventually lose you customers. However, a good price strategy may reduce a lot of losses, and even make customers more loyal to you, so we talk about how the electricity supplier website to raise prices to retain customers.

1, reasonable explanations and reasons

first, to give customers a reasonable explanation and the reason why the price? "Will lose heart have no justifiable reason for the war", so there must be a reasonable reason, let them know your difficulties and why it can secret sorrow, commodity price, why is it worthwhile to spend more money to buy 10 yuan. For example: improve the quality of the products, select the superior material raw materials, production costs increase; industry increases, supplier price increases, the retailer was forced to raise prices; more high-quality service, the shipping, for customer service, holiday gifts, in order to quality service price; quantity and number increase, along with the price…… In short, for whatever reason, let the customer understand why you can raise the price reasonably, instead of letting them think you earn too little and want more profits.

2, anticipate the possibility of price increases

any activities, decision-making, must give customers certain hints and forecasts, so that they have a certain psychological preparation, acceptance, involving prices so sensitive topic is even more so. Therefore, before the price increases, we must be ready and publicity work, early prediction of the possibility of price increases.

such as clothing for the winter electricity price increases, in the autumn and winter at the junction when it should begin to pay attention to predict: cold winter, some provinces and cities because of the weather, and icy roads impassable, increased transportation costs, reducing the number of product sales, shorten the time, this batch of clothes is probably one of the last original price of goods, please customers for the purchase.

today is the information age, to use social media, QQ, Wangwang, micro-blog, SMS, e-mail and other means to use, timely communication with customers, so that they understand and support you, know ahead of time will not suddenly angered or scared, so never leave your site.

3, give regular customers a discount or discount

old customers are actually more loyal than new customers, otherwise they won’t linger on our website, so we should consider the feelings of our old customers. With new customers and old customers can not equal, new customers purchase price is the price of the price; the old customers can step by step, can increase the price after 20 percent off, 10 percent off, do not discount, or discount but give free shipping and other concessions. In short, let old customers feel that they are respected, their own distinctive, let them know that you are valued and cherish them, but also to encourage new customers

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