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I have a friend, do more than a dozen sites, most of them are called "dump", why do you say to him? I have two stations, one is my own blog, recording the usual work experience and life, the basic are original; another station is information network, every hand pseudo original articles of others. On these two stops, I am tired and disoriented, I said you are a dozen stations, how to manage it? Fortunately, I said so, he did not oppose, but also agree with my statement. But after a few months of experience, he said, do not want to do garbage station, station.

what is the reason? Because some small stations are optimized by keyword, and then through the search engine traffic, and in the country, its main traffic is brought by Baidu. But because Baidu in recent months the algorithm constantly adjust, resulting in not easy to do up the keyword down, and ranking in front are some of the large resources. This makes him a "major".

actually, I always adhere to this principle: the number of websites is not much. As a personal webmaster, imagine if you have more than three websites in your hands, how much energy do you have to manage and maintain? And you still have time to work?. We can analyze from the following aspects.

first, the programming problem. If you are a good programmer, please skip it. But at home, there are a lot of Web site procedures are a smattering of knowledge. There are many webmaster directly use CMS to do the station, this would cause some problems, all is others, look at the time you have to spend, and modify the design, some templates, sometimes often revision of the website, you have much time to do the work?

then, content maintenance issues. If your station is collected, please float over. Collection is very fast, very powerful, but how much traffic can you get from the search engine? I believe that the webmaster is stupid to collect other people’s content. You have to spend some time each day on pseudo originality and originality. By the way, how much time do you maintain for each website? Is it an hour or more? If you are more than three stations, how much time do you spend on this job every day?

finally, the network promotion problem. The so-called content is king, the chain is emperor. No matter how good your content is, you must do it in the early days of website operation. There are many ways to promote, but you should be familiar with the content of your website when you go to promote it. For example, when you go to Baidu and you know how to promote it and answer someone else’s questions, if you want to add your own links, this link is always helpful for the questioner, so you can add it. Suggest a direct link to the article, not the first page, or easily blocked by Baidu. How much will it be again this time,


how much time do you maintain on your website every day through the analysis? Unless you want to do a garbage dump, you’ll have to work on it

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