Link to do my chilling talk about the practice of external links

links make me nervous because I don’t know how to get high quality external links!


specifically tell me how to link to the CS station

The overall

chain principle is: high quality + low quality:

1, own resources + navigation + Network + + Web2.0 + Forum + build blog….

2, links

3, digg Digg class: China is not a lot, but you can still find a batch of high quality, like is also good, not registered can send the


4, Do follow blog, the country is not a lot of high weight less

5, link to buy

as for soft text, templates, widget….. That’s not very good for an ordinary station. I haven’t done it either. I’ve done all of the above.

has been doing the chain for a month, and now concludes as follows:

1. doesn’t want to do it, tiring

2. is too lazy to change

3. maintenance trouble

4. maintenance trouble

5. to spend money to suck!


new do a small station, don’t want to use this let me chilling method, want to find new ways to build the chain, if you have a good way, can communicate with me. My mailbox is: [email protected]

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