How to reduce the station owners in the transaction and cheated

webmaster also from scratch, in the network mixed for many years, often walk by the river, where can not wet shoes, also easy to be cheated. Here some simple information how to cheat. Cheated, often not just money, but even more confidence loss or gas suppression.

1 domain name cheated: no choice of good IDC business, registered 45 renewals 80 also don’t let you transfer; there is a situation, let you transfer, you have to leave money, go to the transfer, we make 50-100. People are angry, registering a CN only 1 yuan, transferred to 50. It should be 80, still have to continue.

2 space: promised is not limited to IIS, traffic to 100, can not open, with the February can not find people. The money is gone. Data is not given either. Finally, perhaps to a "you took this website is network server, scared you are emboldened not speak loudly.


3 program: people with free, finally gave you some holes, follow it, put your ads, to modify the account password.

4 links: the way to catch you and link, you put up, you have to get him to the JS, or the way out, he is now PR to 4, directly to you these PR3 friends to get rid of, or some people let you give him a chain. Give you delete.

5 advertising: be careful not to give money to test ads, or give money to the middle of the night to release the virus

6: beware of trading program trading, just give you a worthless free program, or give you a no background program, or just out of order to a program, the intermediary Admin5 well, strengthen a security by amdin5 must be recommended procedures of transaction.

7 domain name website transaction aspect. Beware of traffic fraud, and now what can be false, traffic pop-up, and even search fraud, so be sure to optimistic about the search source, and personally point in to see, and then optimistic about the search distribution. Direct input traffic ratio. Is there any cheating on PR?.

8: try to know each other’s character and person, can be a lot of search information to each other, each other’s name, QQ number, telephone, is on the network mix are leaving traces on the network, so don’t have to search what person, you have to worry about. The search for a pile of problems is even more worrying.

webmaster generally more than Internet users to network more familiar with, if the webmaster is cheated, is very depressing thing. People can not have the heart, the heart of man is not, especially in relation to the website of the lifeblood of the event, do not pay attention to prevent emotional little scam.

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