From Cai Wensheng buy 4399 small game talk about the foreground of small game website

domain name investment tycoon Cai Wensheng has wholly-owned acquisition of 4399 online game site, the exact amount of the acquisition is unknown. In the face of a reporter’s question, Cai said: "the average Internet users in China are relatively low. For them, the simpler the Internet, the better.". I’ve done experiments, I let five or six year old children play 4399 and other small game website game, a week later, he will prefer to use 4399." This is also the main reason for investing in 4399 online games.

statistics show that, as of now, the number of Internet users nationwide reached 320 million, with the arrival of the 3G era, in the next 2-3 years, China’s Internet users will have a rapid period of development. 80%, the Internet users simply chat, watch news, office, shopping, entertainment and so on. China Internet users and the developed countries in Europe and America have different users, Internet users in Europe and the United States is a lot of Internet business and trade business, of course there is entertainment, so Facebook have many users, although the number of Internet users China, but relatively low-end, can use the "mouse" to describe the user is not an exaggeration, mouse users love online movies, listening to music, play games and other entertainment properties, so the game web game these simple things are very suitable for this type of people, promote the development of the game industry.

Campus network, a booming

network at home, happy net, 51 nets, only so popular users welcome, and said that he is SNS website rather than web games website, business friends, parking dispute, stealing food etc. these seemingly boring game has attracted a large number of users to participate in. In addition to the low-end, China’s net name is also the biggest feature is boring. The website designed these boring games attract these netizens sent boring time may seem absurd, but with their needs.

online games because of a huge user base, low threshold, say to also attract a large number of owners to participate, but apart from a few 4399, 7k7k, xiaoyouxi and other small game portal outside, other game websites are mutual imitation and mutual plagiarism, plagiarism, no new content, naturally do not attract many users or user viscosity is not high. A few days ago, the author will undoubtedly see the f1212 game site, launched the create new styles play games for prizes and awards activities, put the game together, thus improving the enthusiasm of users to play the game, the user viscosity is very high, but also allows users to bring potential users through the propaganda, it yijuduode.

online game site is currently the main source of income is to rely on advertising, because online game 80% consumer groups can be said to be in school, so a single profit model to a certain extent affected the development of small game. And the successful point of 4399 small game is to rely on the huge user of small game website to popularize webpage game, "blood Three Kingdoms" and other webpage game make 4399 earn a pot to be filled, >

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