Experience tells you how to do the station should have mentality

I am

from the beginning of 1998 contact website, at that time few resources, my website is linked in the elders unit on the server, only to hang a page, and the page is a copy of the front page of the elders made, this page is not deleted, has hung in there, there is no update above, about my introduction and some dog shit can be received search engine. Ranking is not one or two years of new sites can be compared.

really started doing the summer vacation in 2000, when the resources are relatively rich, the message boards, ASP forums have some, of course, there are some CGI procedures. I began to do a simple industry website, no day and night basically to the home of relatives and friends and the data is all moved to the Internet, at that time not what the epoch of the search engine, is the largest artificial to rely on their own propaganda, exchange links, bulk mail, industry website my best time and Sohu exchange links, although people are a channel link, ha ha ha.

this website has experienced several big storm, all is the survival crisis, my only advantage is to keep the website on the server of the uncle institute all the time, so relatively stable.

is the first crisis on the domain name in 2002, decided to change one’s own independent domain name, visits from day 3000 to more than 200, when the heart is cold, but my only belief that he must stick to it, even if there is no traffic, I can start again from scratch, propaganda, it this is repeated for more than 3 months, flow slowly back.

The second

crisis is my own work, every day I spend on the site, in 2003 he graduated, the elders are helping me find a job, but I have been refused, I think I can get your website, and achievement, the family is very angry, let uncle put my site closed, then the daily flow of 9000ip, dare I say it is not like many websites at the time, I have been home and the cold war, even the hunger strike had used, I lost 15 pounds in two months. Later, uncle asked me to study when temporary workers, responsible for helping them to update the management website, 600 dollars a month, the site again opened, but the flow is not one, that’s when I learned to smoke, feel the heart is very sad, one night went to the nearby mountains in a daze, really desperate.

I haven’t visited my website for a week, and I don’t even have the courage to touch my computer. Then I feel that this site is over and start a new station again. I opened the computer to view access, is the time to install their own traffic statistics program, there are 75 IP traffic, the moment I cried, so big, this is the first time in tears, this is the 75 IP gave me the courage and confidence, I didn’t sleep at night, do not stop to all registered members to each letter, Links website Posts issued notice, Guangzhou >

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