What are the two types of entrepreneurship

now choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship is very much, the cause and motivation is also very rich, but in fact, there are two types of business integration. So, what are the two types of entrepreneurship? Let Xiaobian for you to do a detailed introduction, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship.

entrepreneurs can be divided into two categories from the team attributes and business development model:

first class: money oriented, rely on investment to rapidly expand, set up barriers, either from PR or GMV users put efforts to impulse team configuration update, the first mover advantage to achieve the ultimate, northern entrepreneurs in this piece is obvious, but it is easy or rapid demise;

second: product oriented, tend to observe the operation data of the logic of growth, followed by competing products, running the team, waiting for the capital turnover, competing products first made a mistake or capital chain problem first, will be issued after the play to the extreme, southern entrepreneurs in the capital operation and the team played on this point is advantage.

Corresponding to the

project, users of social and community entrepreneurial projects like capital oriented business, because it forms a big barrier, i.e. a large amount of users and a large value, usually is capital oriented. To keep the product follow up iteration, do a good job retention and activity, because the cost of traffic is generally higher and higher, the first customer to establish a threshold, and the subsequent replacement costs.

but this kind of project because of the uncertainty of the model, the best way is to get tens of millions of users through the light operation, the scale effect and high valuation reserve funds for financing, sooner or later one day no matter to the electricity supplier or prepare other transition mode.

product oriented entrepreneurship, business models are often more clearly some of the products, more typical games, electricity providers, as well as some of the efficiency of online and offline service model. This kind of venture product is more important, the first model is clear, in other platforms can be profitable, of course, the need to form a large capital investment entrance.

but there is no special business model or absolute path of a product, the most important is according to the scene and the field of entrepreneurship environment, such as the financing period to determine their style of play, there is no absolute good way.

because the trend is difficult to judge, entrepreneurs are more difficult to bet on the direction of the capital, only do solid, and actively seize every financing window, either A, B, C round round round or three new board or strategic emerging board, actually to have the preparation of entrepreneurs.

any of the entrepreneurs, in the choice to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, the first natural >

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