Restaurant O2O hungry E round financing 350 million U S knife 8 months valuation from 500 million

Abstract: last year, hungry, business coverage of the city from 20 to more than 200, and the number of employees from 200 to 2000 people suddenly increased. At the same time, hungry, the day of publication of the odd orders also showed 10 times growth, from the public acceptance of investment when 100 thousand single straight rise to 1 million single.

, when catering to the Internet, businesses battleground, but also in the eyes of the capital of blue ocean.

recently, the reservation platform hungry, after a lapse of 8 months after financing again, E round of $350 million.

as the latest batch of Internet industry, after a few years of accumulation, in 2014, O2O ushered in the outbreak of the restaurant industry, brand recognition has been basically established, customer groups continue to expand. Both offline and offline, the pattern and pattern have basically taken shape.

line offline mode is mainly catering platform, and the latter is mainly traditional food and beverage brands internet. Catering platform has formed a "hungry" with the U.S. group takeaway led, a number of platforms melee situation?. The line of traditional catering due to different positioning, the pattern has not been clear, competition between the various segments of the competition is not large.

capital market also saw the restaurant industry space, in addition to hungry, and the U.S. group takeaway, Baidu and Ali have dabbled in the takeaway industry. Amoy point back Ali, to micro positioning and indoor navigation is different from the general dining platform.

With the development of

, competition among different brands is becoming more and more fierce.

contrasts the obvious and brutal competition between meals on the next line and the online delivery platform. Through the Internet thinking transformation of traditional food and culture to be much more civilized. However, behind it lurks a bigger problem: whether it is Huang Taiji or carved sirloin, in the transformation process, too much emphasis on the Internet publicity and lost to the food itself pursuit, this is stumbling across the road of traditional food O2O.

E round financing $350 million

in recent years, the catering industry internet market scale gradually expanded, the market penetration is gradually increasing. A public platform brands such as hungry Mody, the U.S. group takeaway more and more well-known?.

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in the first half of 2014, Chinese netizens online reservation penetration rate of 20.1%; 2014, the first half of the catering class group turnover amounted to 16 billion 660 million yuan.

The potential of the

market allows capital to drool. Following the May 2014 hungry, get public comment net lead investment $80 million financing, recently hungry again, get E round financing?. As the financial weekly newspaper reporter before the press, hungry E CEO Zhang Xuhao released internal mail, determined to get hungry, get $350 million round of financing, but did not disclose investor information?. Subsequently, the reporter called hungry media contacts, the reporter asked after financing details, it immediately hung up the phone.

was hungry before then and got the four round of financing?

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