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is affected by the global financial crisis in 2008, the Korean film was declining, with the development of economy, the Korean film industry struggled out from the bottom, and showed a rapid revival trend, which has become a trend of CO productions between China and korea. South Korea has made a good transformation in many aspects, such as genre creation, cultural expression and industrial development. It has provided valuable reference experience for the development of Chinese film art and industry.

last year Han Guoguang acclaimed film: "Indiana" alliance "room 7" gift "great secret", they have a common characteristic of comedy elements; "snow country train" is an important attempt of Korean film and movie cooperation.

Lee Min Ho at the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, "the drama from the stars you" swept Chinese, "snow country train" landing China cinema…… This year, "Korean wave" once again become a topic of concern for Chinese filmmakers.

at the same time, China and South Korea Co production has become an important trend of the development of the film, in this context, cooperation in the twenty-first Beijing Student Film Festival Organizing Committee and the Academy of Korean culture in China and South Korea CJ Corporation, especially organized "commercial and cultural expression — Korean film screenings and excellent academic seminar", through various cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and South Korea movie the establishment of the Korean film, and China youth movie audience bridge, industry experts and scholars attended the seminar of both China and South korea.

43% film can return this profit

as we all know, the Korean film market is completely open, and local films compete with foreign films, especially Hollywood movies. In the last year the Korean box office of the top 20 films, only 5 foreign films, the top 10, only the "Iron Man 3" foreign films, the local film firmly in control of the market dominance, this result is very rare. "Last year, the total box office price of Korean movies was 8 billion yuan, and the total number of Korean film box office accounts for 60%, the number of screens reached 2180, and the number of cinemas was more than 300," said Jiang Naiying, Professor of film department at the Korea Academy of art.

total of 1053 film screenings, 207 South Korean film, 846 foreign films, Hollywood films accounted for 35% of the total number of foreign films, Chinese films accounted for 0.5%, average every movie and Xuanfa costs 30 million yuan, 43% of the film to be able to return the profit. The box office is ranked first in the "room 7" gift box, 450 million yuan, Twentieth tickets to the real 150 million yuan, the top 20 box office movie box office has little difference. Hij and other four companies produced films that could reach 70% of the market, so the Korean film market was dominated by large factories."

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