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Market Research and competitor, is a thoroughly will enter the industry, is the site before the construction of the basic steps, but is often ignored by many web site optimization personnel, we can carefully review the construction site construction, before you have carefully done, you have done the keyword research. Detailed analysis of the competitors, in the choice of the core keywords, choose those search amount is large, but the competition is less difficult words, today Q pig market research and competitor research, talk about their own views, welcome.

1, keywords research,

analysis: keyword research is the first step in the optimization of the entire site, but also the most important and webmaster most easily overlooked step, is to grasp the entire direction of the site. Keyword survey, you can use related keyword tools: Baidu webmaster tools, Google administrators, confidant tools, webmaster tools, etc..


find the greatest demand, such as fixed in the company, because the keyword has been fixed, this time only, only Sike, research competitors, through research, if you need to clear more than competitors, how much the chain, much content, the heart has a bottom.

and for personal webmaster, you can find that, relative to the demand, but the competition is not very intense keywords, so the difficulty is not great, so many valuable keywords, there will always be some words, search times, relatively more competitive and smaller search words.

2 and keyword distribution

analysis: how to site column classification, not just can be determined, according to the key words, site navigation, column classification, according to the distribution of keywords to define, classify all site columns, are highlighted keywords.

3, competitor research

analysis: in determining the key words, first need to determine, of course is the search volume keywords, and keywords optimization need to be aware of how much difficulty, want to understand the keyword optimization difficulty, we must conduct competitor analysis. Competitors analysis, the first need to determine, that is, the analysis of how many web sites, which can be through Baidu webmaster tools, the chain analysis, you can roughly understand the distribution of competitors outside the chain.

Study on the need for

other competitors, the scale (page is included), RR value, Baidu weight, there is the age of the domain name, according to the study of some SEO Daniel, if the domain name age is long enough, the content of the website and the chain, are doing well, that this website is difficult to go beyond in addition, is the need to pay attention to the website in the society, especially micro-blog, competitor size, specific can look at another post Q pig: data analysis of twenty-one website optimization.

4, site diagnostics,

analysis: for web diagnostics >

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