Talking about six main reasons why micro community is not suitable for forum webmaster

recently, micro community is a shining star of the Internet, various science and technology media attention, many webmaster are ready to, but most of the owners still in wait-and-see attitude, because the micro community outlook is uncertain, the author will combine their own micro community experience, to illustrate the six major causes of the micro community not suitable for webmasters from a webmaster perspective:

: first look at Tencent official definition to micro communities: the micro community is the interactive community public accounts based on WeChat, WeChat is widely applied to the service number and the number of public subscription number, WeChat fans in the micro community free exchange: post replies, upload photos. From the literal sense, the micro community is a derivative of WeChat, with an emphasis on entertainment. So, before you use the micro community, do you think your site is entertainment? Fortunately, your site is just the entertainment site. Are you willing to give your hard work information to the Tencent?

second, the entrance is too complex, the author figured, a user wants to enter the micro community post he joined takes 5 steps: 1, open the QQ 2 service life; open; 3, click on the micro community; 4, into the micro community I; 5, micro communities choose their concerns. Compared to WeChat, it is too complicated, so much effort to open an Internet product, you would like to?


third, the function is too simple, it may also be the 1 edition of the cause. The micro community is limited to send pictures and articles, can not jump web site, this is a fatal injury for the website, if only the website users into micro communities, while the micro community cannot be the site to bring traffic, no the webmaster can come to this silly


fourth, WeChat micro community and The loss outweighs the gain., are very different, WeChat can bring us a lot of traffic sites, some can be directly used WeChat earnings, but the micro community is not you, micro communities do better, users will be far from our website, because the micro community functions and sites, are gathered popularity you, the user will develop to the micro community, the site will naturally reduce. Especially for community forums and other websites, it is a heavy blow. In other words, that’s how you use your ideas to introduce your own platform to other people’s platforms.

fifth, even if the micro community depend on others, you do no good, others are the platform, I can not control, the Tencent might someday come to limit what, your micro community to shut down, such a thing done in WeChat.

sixth, the profit model is vague, the basic yet to do relatively fine micro community, there is almost no profit, but there is no clear profit model. The current micro community, is indeed very difficult to profit, in the PC community forum, advertising is the main method of profit, but the micro community? There is no advertising, is estimated, will not easily open to the webmaster. Depending on the fan effect, >

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