Webmaster friends the opportunity is in front of the need to implement it

had a meal with a friend that day and talked about the opportunity and felt a lot. Oneself also be contact network earlier generation, and has not interrupted its research.

speaking of opportunity, here are a few more representative of the time, you may be one of the beach goers, or maybe you were from that era came, you may be the victim of the era. But at no time can they deny the opportunities they bring.

the 80s reform and opening up, do a little business can make a lot of money, you can put a stall one mayor salary which is normal. Because at that time the market environment determines, just open, all the people are lenient, all blank, is this form of transaction on the people of this industry, so that when the sniff at business rapidly and few competitors have to complete.

primitive accumulation of rapid development.

in 90s, the rise of the Internet, China began to contact the Internet for the first time, I remember when I went to school online, an hour 5 yuan. When the 386 card 10 dollars for 15 hours, I went for a little while, give me off 1/3. But I still feel worthwhile, since then began the search for the network. Where are the opportunities at that time? Open Internet cafes! With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people are surfing the net. There are very few people who use Internet cafes. At that time, if there is a sound (keyboard easy to use, mouse easy to use, headphones can ring), it is very difficult, but there is no machine when surfing the Internet at that time. Why can’t someone see it because he doesn’t know anything about new things and can’t predict his future?. Or dare not predict.

in 2000, when the Internet entered a relatively cold time, many companies fell 8848, I also used their services at that time, is an example. GG in Chinese, that time can do GGadsense people can make money, many of which are GG to buy a house, a car, why not when people see the opportunity to do, because when people rarely understand the network, basically is the Internet, and are all new, the market competitiveness of small. GG to the conditions. Earn money.

later on about 2004 mobile phone SMS SP CP began to rise, how the fire I will not say, you find a little with the website basically can see for you to enter your mobile phone number in the box, to put it crudely at that time the Union message 40% program page is all I do. And some of them are stolen from me.

is very hot. Don’t say the past tense. Why didn’t anyone catch it? Couldn’t see the back of the chain of interests. In a word, as long as there is moving, as long as there are lewd people exist, this business basically will not fall, but the form of expression will be different.

and then the Trojan horse. Panda, dog, by the media exposure, people began to pay attention to the black industry, but in the absence of attention.

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