Webmaster will learn how to start a small business to make a lot of money

What is the secret of

success? To find a best network poineering project? Or join a most popular investment project? A venture investment project has passion, can make money? How small business

earn a lot of money?

, let me tell you a story from the top of the mountain lamp.

has a master is actually selling tires, tyres, tyre, tyre and some sales. In the beginning of the shop, as long as the customer calls for help, he himself back to the location of the tool. Both winter and summer, or snowstorm raging. His image can be said is a bit shabby, head erect tail, nose down look, if not a mechanic’s identity, so how embarrassed he is the boss, who say it will not believe


is such a person, work hard, easily without help, do not let the customer left, personally, to ensure the quality of each tire, each repair, enhance the stability of particular emphasis on service level. A few years later, he used his honest polite and sincere service, his little shop became the most beautiful town car tire stores.

someone will say, "how much can a small county earn?". Do not underestimate, in a current municipality and provincial capital city, the annual income of 100 thousand is quite good, and if the work can earn so much wages, it is also senior migrant workers, should not be sniffed. In turn, we should learn his experience, but we must definitely remind you that we should learn more about him than experience.

peak old lights also solemnly tell you, character in the service industry is the lifeline!


answer the question before, the secret of successful business is generally this way, that is, product quality + after-sales service + service image.

products can be both physical, can also be a service; service refers to the customer service product is the customer purchase should provide related repairs, maintenance and supplementary services; service image is directed at the operator level of business in the way of getting along with people, thinking of the customer’s perspective could not stand to do with loyalty, will be opportunistic in other aspects. Eventually lead to stand down the Yellow


operators, really makes people admire, they just put his head crushed, dead that is their own service image has a big problem!

Business process

back to see this tire boss, the process is not complicated, maybe the industry is forced, but once you do, is earnest, truth-seeking and refinement, so venture is appropriate is no longer a problem. Looking for business network is such a small figure, adult products moved to this, so it will be hard, very careful for webmasters to give advice and suggestions, to help users.

to find the original net, reproduced freely, please be sure to note from the network to find cast.

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