WordPress advantages and disadvantages of doing enterprise station

said enterprise station, several systems for having heard it many times everyone can blurt out, Liang Jing, Huambo, Medipro self-service system and so on, these systems are a mature business model, including the enterprise publicity aspects, is to do business station choice! In 09 years, HTML generation was the main selling point of these systems! At the same time, these commercial applications are the most explosive vulnerability program, often see such loopholes in the site was invaded, the program is packaged, the page is linked to the horse and so on


says some way, today’s topic is to do with WordPress enterprise


WordPress with its open source and easy to use and the characteristics of large style plug-in database support, has become the most popular blog and blog! With its good search engine friendly support to many enterprises station promotion preferred! This combination has promoted the establishment of enterprises with the trend of WordPress


WordPress to do with the general enterprise station, we choose to use a page in the settings (Page) as the home page, add enterprise related information on this page at a glance! And then add other page as a necessary complement to the enterprise information, such as contact! As for products we can be updated using the log function of course, on the other page, you can also call on the home page, the operation is very simple! As for WordPress station to do business benefits:

first course is free! Program free, free plugin template, free of charge, in addition to the domain name and space need to spend money! But now the domain name space is the price of cabbage, so companies can spend very little cost to build their own website platform, save unnecessary expenses


is followed by its ease of use: WordPress background operation is very intuitive, this is also a lot of people choose to WP construction Blog! After the completion of the construction site, basically do not need to do other operations, a function only need to publish articles for daily maintenance work can be! And all the page content can be changes in the background, without the need for FTP operation, update some aspects of content on


third: pseudo static support, does not need to generate HTML, space saving resources! WordPress in the Linux space of the pseudo static function quite well, but some fans also for IIS environment developed a pseudo static plug-in corresponding, which makes Windows users can also achieve pseudo static function is the future of the site change, do not need to generate all


fourth: on the one hand, is the most important SEO support! Blog search engine system on natural appetite! For Google, you don’t even need to submit, also do not need to leave any links to the outside, only need to add the Ping server, when writing log can be included to >!

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