Who is more promising for product managers and product operations Look at the various great God how

[Abstract] in recent years, PM speculation is very hot, then product managers and product operators who are more promising. This article discusses excerpts from the "know", which is worthy of everyone’s taste.


@ anonymous user (from goose factory):

industry said, Tencent products, Baidu technology, Ali’s operations, is the industry benchmark. In fact, in the goose factory, product manager career channel, there are two positions: product planning and product operations, so if this standard, product operations is only a branch of product managers. As a post is the product operation of goose factory product manager, my routine is: data analysis, user research, user feedback, follow-up, and maintenance of community management core users, competitive analysis, market analysis, product strategy, arrangement and output of product demand, operation strategy and plan (involving activities, content, channels revenue, operations planning), and output demand and follow up delivery channels, plans to release versions of follow-up products based functional testing and performance testing arrangement and follow up, and the introduction of CP content management… Well, who can give me a definite answer, I count in the end product planning and product operation? Here is that, because both the product planning and operation, and even marketing, I need to have someone, so I is the substitution of relatively low key members of the team and the backbone.

I think, from the above example, the answer should be clear? What is more important, product planning and operation ability are the two core modules of the product manager, only two can cope with ease, can be regarded as a product manager for comprehensive quality.

@ Yang Xia

graduated from the line began to do PM, more than three years of product career. Until "operation" is some contempt, a Zimingqinggao "all things are the only product of high", rather than the complex challenges of the product work, not doing the operation activities, send what content… Until this year, apart from the products, I began to take charge of the operation, and I also studied and thought about "operation".

personal experience, some of the difference between the two:

The development of

product knowledge system operation more perfect, more scientific method training products, product skills and approach for more rule-based


above, resulting in operational work looks like a low tech "handyman"

business development in different stages, the product and operation requirements are different, the initial stage may product, technology driven more, mature operation stage may drive more

has many definitions of "operation", different angles of interpretation and different dimensions of description. Naturally, the understanding and operation methods of operations are different, which is also related to 1 and 2,

if the product has some basic methodology, the operations can also be sorted out

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