Soft writing skills series how to write soft Wen title

Hello, a few days ago on the A5 website wrote an article "Wangzhuan experience sharing simply station on the return of 30 yuan" articles, many webmaster and I asked QQ, how to write the title of the article, by asking this question more, so today I on this topic and a talk about it. I hope to have the help, hope to help more people


let me time to talk about how to write an article on the A5 website, the topic of how to achieve the maximum effect, we should take a consideration to write their own topics, this important topic, write soft skills in three aspects of


first, you have to bring visitors interested, did not meet this requirement if your content is also good lip-service, no one can see, in this way, the title of the article will be particularly important, of course, to the title of the article and the content is 11. For example, the title and content are corresponding to the people can pay attention to the title of the article and not to exaggerate or out of the contents of the article, it gave the readers a feeling of deception, that writing is not soft, The loss outweighs the gain.! Let more people benefit from it at the same time, they also benefit from it, everybody is good, that is really good! There are readers of infection you, the nature of your article will be spread constantly


the second search engine to meet the requirements, why do you say that? You know that one day the Internet how many articles published? For example, the Internet 1 days post estimation information, you have to read at least 300 years. It’s no better to use this analogy to describe the number of articles published on the Internet. You should know the quantity you publish every day. Then the title once again, then the search engine will give you a shot to display the search page 100 page, it is equal to no one, at least in the search engine over the data close to O, so don’t try to repeat the title, otherwise the search engine also can’t help you, very important!

finally, refer to the search volume data, is bound to make your article a lot of exposure, of course, to make reasonable arrangements of keywords, keywords heat can not be too high, too high is not good, will not let you into the Baidu search engine home page, for example, in the Baidu search "exam", "good" these two words. A search for the words "exam", can you put this keyword row to the first page, apparently not, because the heat is too high, no effect, but you can search for "good", "good" this keyword heat is not very high, so you write an article with this "good" this keyword as the title, then you will be more people to search! For example, you write an article titled "the result of examination", then search "test" after the title, you appear on the home page possibility is very small, and you write a paper titled "* * * * * * * * good", "good" after the search you, this title will appear on the front page of the possibility of very large, so your article exposure rate will be higher.

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