Stationmaster has sense see the meaning that builds a station

once young, I contacted the Internet, according to the many characteristics of the Internet, imagine this is a vast universe of information, information. And one website is like a planet in this vast universe, meteorites. Based on this reasoning, the current large portals, such as Baidu, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, YAHOO, and NetEase, can be considered some major groups of nebulae. The blogs on these portals can be thought of as planets or floating objects in these cluster nebulae.

is a little bigger. I have access to blogs and websites. First, I applied for a blog in Sina and wrote articles regularly and happily. Later, I gradually got into the website and dreamed of owning a website of my own. Gradually, I came into contact with websites, domain names, website procedures, website space and a series of website construction problems. The initial contact with these, but also many naive, for example, according to my own name Liang Wenjin, a registered domain name, but later discovered that I was a junior, where so many of his autobiography, a story. So these ideas were rejected one by one.

I entered high school in 2004, and it was a key high school in our city. When I was a senior, I was lucky enough to take part in the interest course of learning website construction organized by the school computer class. So I really started to understand what was the website, and I knew it at that time. The site program is not mysterious, like a folder that contains multiple folders, directories, and individual files. When we access web folders and open directories each other, it’s like we open a web page. At that time my mind was full of unrealistic ideas, and no wonder I made mistakes. By the end of the 1 month course of interest in website construction, the teacher has asked us to hand in our own work, our own website.

sadly, I was the only one in the whole interest class who failed. The reason why I failed was also solemnly pointed out by the teacher in class. My website was vague and content without any substance. Because, of course, I’m just curious to play with the technology, and forget that the core value of the website is to provide useful information for others. But I was young, I did not understand.

‘s teacher’s rebuke was still fresh in memory. Now 2010, has been ruoguan year I have a deeper understanding of the website. But this deeper understanding is also true that the website needs to provide valuable information for reference and facilitate people’s lives. And now popular SEO, the industry in order to allow the site to get a good ranking in search engines. But as a good arbiter, search engines should put the most valuable pages in front of them. So SEO, in the end is a construction technology, an extension of website content, let a website more healthy technology.


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