With four point five aspects analysis WeChat search how to break through the bottleneck

WeChat search on-line for so long, but has not shown the expected effect, this how much attention to its people some surprise. After all, as the flow of Hongkou, WeChat internal activity has always been the warlords, in this environment, WeChat search appears to let everyone better to read and access to WeChat internal source of information to the public account has a broader stage, but so many advantages but not truly let WeChat search but in a few months break, the line gradually reduced to a "chicken ribs".

in fact, all this is sudden, careful analysis, but also seems reasonable. Because WeChat search, although based on the platform has a high degree, but the product itself operation and function of perfect also appeared problems. A series of problems can not be effectively resolved, relying solely on WeChat’s heat is clearly unable to support the future of a product, then WeChat search lukewarm, not fire, and what exactly about those factors?


one, WeChat search based information source, and not imagine the powerful. WeChat public account is the source of the vast majority of WeChat search information, although the official claims that nearly tens of millions of public accounts in operation, but every day to update the article, send the news does not have this magnitude. And the internal environment of WeChat’s public information classification is not perfect, can not meet the needs of the search giant user group, free card as I do, the WeChat public account is only 3 in two, the rest are also occasionally push messages, although the competition is small, but the industry is flourishing up competition to a certain extent. Therefore, WeChat’s internal information source thickness needs to be improved.

second, Sogou is not a perfect backer. You know, WeChat search framework in Sogou search, and the impact of Sogou search is clearly inferior to Baidu and 360, its own activity to be refined, not to mention the resources to WeChat search. As a result, the original Sogou search users will be less, and then users want to use WeChat search, but also under the click of the two directory, such a tedious process should not really. WeChat search to make achievements, we must solve the problem, to know before the soso business department is also WeChat search, why not Tencent doing a single product, the transformation of search, do not


third, WeChat search no one touted. Products fiery two factors, first, access to the user’s favorite, and second, to get the operator’s favorite. Although Baidu negative news constantly, but Baidu has now occupied the position of domestic search leader, in addition to the user has developed habits, the webmaster group support is also on the one hand. Because Baidu flow, the webmaster will put a lot of energy into the Baidu, and the webmaster’s pay also directly lead to Baidu information constantly rich, this is a win-win rhythm. Say this is not let WeChat search into Adsense group, but draw inferences about, if WeChat search want to make achievements, so let others profit from it is very necessary. How to do that, only WeChat official himself to think about.

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