n this value of the nternet era website construction need not Yan value

how to do a good website? This is not only the most in need of the user, and web designers wonder everyday things today and share a spell, in the yen value society, don’t need website yen value



Yan value is a network vocabulary, mainly for people or things of appearance, characteristics, quality, degree, scoring, as the name suggests, "Yan" is "appearance", "value" is the score, using network terms is the index. Say a website Yan value, it is to point to website home page design effect, in website home page design, passed a long exploration process.

‘s earliest website design, because of the lack of technology, design is very simple, then the speed and the size of the server, the quality can not bear too many procedures. With the rapid development of web technology, and the Internet, web page design becomes gorgeous, some web sites in order to pursue the main colors, some tall, also opened the animation opening, however, with the rise of search engine technology, and marketing website, in order to cater to the search engines, in order to make the user habits quickly open the website, website design and to simple from the face value, even by the search engines kidnapping.

The development of the Internet

is change rapidly, after SEO the barbaric growth, search engine for the user experience, which only began to blow to the flow and the design of the site, at least those suspected of cheating website. The once popular website template to custom website in the application of a large number of Internet speed, cloud server now, website design and to the pursuit of value of Yan era, of course, now a high value of Yan site needs to meet this demand:


respecting user experience

user experience is a broad concept, such as after-sales service, communication with users, open web interface, access to good visual impact…… The web as a marketing tool for the enterprise website, Yan value is consistent with the "user experience" in the overall architecture, allowing users to feel very comfortable, the reason to read through more content, but in the process of optimization, to allow users to find content and pictures of their needs, to achieve unity of color, structure, pictures, the perfect title. Maybe that’s a little too abstract, the evaluation of a website with the user experience yen value is the standard of users to access the site in the residence time of the page, the longer the retention time that website value conforms to user experience.


foreign high value website appreciate

takes into account search engines

search engines to the site brings traffic can be said to be an endless stream, many spent a lot of money to do the site of the enterprise, because without taking into account the search engine "experience", the result has become "chicken ribs"". How to take into account the search engine on the basis of doing the value of the site


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