Grassroots how to cut into the huge profits Taobao market

introduction: Game (individual micro signal zhulutaobao) last time in a blog posting Lu Songsong "on the double 11 Taobao off without integrity money" effect is good, dry cargo, caused by major industry media reprint. This detail wrote a deep interpretation of Taobao profits weight-loss market article, there are some insider, some operating practices, compared to media sites only reported a simple news, with the author’s experiences and views.


weight loss products, non sunshine industry, there is reasonable, although I do not touch the weight loss products. This matter whether moral


along the way, played test: Taobao – Google Adwords – a mailbox price bidding – content – Taobao – Baidu a bidding auction – low cost marketing network and so on, love test play, a lot of money for different gameplay, contact a lot from Taobao to outside the play, the lack of play


weight loss is the largest category of competition, but also Taobao’s biggest product in the profits of a piece of cake. In the final analysis: the surplus of the times + the lazy root of human nature. The weight loss market is always there on the market, you can engage in any time, as long as you know how to play, very cruel, very easy to root in this cake on a small broad counter attack. I can definitely say, as long as you are cruel enough, there is no conversion rate of poor health care products, it is a core point, no one can escape the human nature! Here first do not say!


has seen the changes in Taobao’s weight loss market, from product changes to traffic sources. The products, from the earliest L-carnitine to the later P57, in traditional Chinese medicine to selling later to model for weight loss, weight loss, Thailand imported diet pills, 14 years of Russian imports of slimming drugs signs… Essential oil slimming products has been… LVSHOU and weight reducing tea belongs to the brand operation of slimming products

first by the Hunan TV super hot L-carnitine, fire n years, and has been the mainstream of the market! When L-carnitine just fire, can be said to be the best for the history of the product, the conversion rate is very abnormal, by the Hunan TV programs for the effect of endorsement, the first to do a group of people for L-carnitine on this thing, play to the tens of millions! Real L-carnitine is a slimming effect, but not so fast, baby milk powder added to prevent infant obesity. Taobao carnitine products started basically C shop in the play, the initial price is 298198, then with the flooding the market, the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013, the mainstream price of 98 yuan, the second half of 2013 and 2014 is 9.9 yuan shipping 19.9 yuan shipping all appeared. Taobao L-carnitine slimming product costs are generally less than 10 yuan, a large amount of even less than 5 yuan, manufacturers in Xi’an and Guangzhou the most, OEM OEM can fix tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, can confirm that selling these slimming products, the seller will not go.

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