About 5 years of operation billiards class website accumulated some experience

from 04 years of operation billiards class website, to now has 5 years, and now has gradually grown into a weight or flow or visibility is good site. There are many billiards fans, and few people like to watch billiards online. Why? It’s better to play some games when you are free. This is the fate of casual games. The same is true of some other industries, such as stocks, which are monopolized by a small number of big websites.

What kind of people do

billiards website? See tutorial? Enjoy the video? Or what? These are the most basic, all kinds of video game classification included a variety of skills, unique content availability forum to share ideas and experiences, what is missing? What snooker fans are concerned? Where is your unique content 3 years ago? I have been thinking about this problem and did not find the right breakthrough, until 2 years ago, and several friends, get inspiration, the website must go on, the line continues, not only is it.

2 years ago, my site has made a city function, starting with their city Changsha the billiard hall, give them free publicity position, and with a familiar boss about the game, in the name of cooperation, and put 2 of my own making Yilabao in their hall door, registration online registration, the registration fee of 20 yuan / person, there are prizes, the first round of play at least 3 games. Everyone can see that this is not making money shouting guy, that competition in my unexpected, registration of very many people, many enthusiasts join in the fun, of course, there are no masters.

, from then on, I began to contact with the other Changsha arena, arrangements for a monthly contest, and establish Changsha folk master database, which pave the way for the country, the master can do what? At the local pool industry are more influential, keep in touch with them, seek win-win. More than half a year later, although the site is nationwide, but because of the opening of the Changsha channel, visibility in the local has been very good, the owners of the stadium has begun to take the initiative to request free cooperation competition.


model I quickly through the website forum, linked to the two moderator Nanchang and Suzhou, they are 30 years old, the idea to communicate with them later, and I respectively to the two and they reached a consensus: they began as a local person in charge, a copy of my Changsha mode of operation in the.

so far, I have set up 10 league cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou, which have been changed from January to March. And Changsha, registration fees have risen to 60/ people, and the arena of cooperation is no longer free, and this arena is also easy to accept, after all, is a win-win thing. I think, I do not need too much money, need, just continue to accumulate user groups, after all, some prefecture level city users still many, the potential is still great. I believe in 265 laocai, as long as the user mode, even if you can’t find out, others will give you find out, and I have now, that is the registration fee + arena cooperation costs, plus the website advertisement.


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