Five months of information on line experience summary four months

fifth information on-line time more than four months, this period of time, I am from the site of knowledge is able to skillfully operate absolutely ignorant of a website that has experienced difficulties, have a taste of what sour, sweet, bitter, hot. My blog before and after the small station changed two domain names, the first domain name with more than two months, not very satisfied, and finally selected in the domain name.

walked all the way, feeling very deep, here in a period of time to build a brief summary of the experience, is roughly divided into 3 stages:

one, preparation stage,

this summer vacation, it was purely interesting to build the first stop. At that time did not know how to promote, IP every day only more than 20, this situation has continued, every day just silly looking forward to the search engine can be included more, but has not been well included.

at that time, feel that the domain name is not very good, has been no interest in the domain name, and too lazy to promote. It was not until September when the school opened that the domain name was registered. Then I go to the MII website for the record, no record always doesn’t feel at ease.

October 6th, the record eventually passed, in a sense, this is the real time information to five.

two, development stage


website is put on record, just feel this just is real website. I continue to learn, have time to soak in Webmaster nets and other websites, learning excellent webmaster skills and promotion experience.

I began to consider submitting websites to search engines. I hope to include them. In October 6th, I submitted the website to several big search engines, such as Baidu, Google, YAHOO and so on. Next, the search engines have included my website: October 7th Google began to include my home page, then Google included increasing to reach 708 in November 5th and October 11th, YAHOO began to surface; included my website, the first time included the 12, then is also growing; Baidu to the railway station has been relatively slow, until October 22nd website.

the next period of time, the search engines are constantly increasing the number of web pages, think the original search engine included is so simple, everything seems to be so good. In addition to landing search engines, I continue every day in Baidu know, Baidu post bar, some big web sites, forums and other places to promote their website.

three, frustration stage,

on November 5th – 7, Google, Baidu, YAHOO three major search engines to my station begins to decrease included, Baidu reduced most of the collected page from Google, most of the time the 708 suddenly reduced to 373, YAHOO is a little better.

encountered this situation for the first time, suddenly confused, do stand confidence shaken. When communicating with other webmasters, they are >

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