How to operate personal movie websites


says now individual stationmaster is more and more difficult, individual stationmaster foreground does not seem hopeful, but the Internet of China still cannot leave individual stationmaster. The more intense the competition, the higher quality websites will always be left in the end. Among them, there are not individual owners are operating personal movie site, accompanied by Youku, potatoes announced the merger, the domestic video class website prospects worrying. How about personal movie sites and how to run their own little movie station,


first of all, why do users choose individual movie sites


why do so many people choose personal movie sites instead of those famous movie sites, such as PPTV, Youku, potatoes and many other large video sites?. I also like to watch movies, and occasionally go to those personal movies on the website to see movies. Because many new movies, general well-known movie sites need to buy copyright what, and some well-known video class website is charged. Think of watching a movie on the Internet. You have to pay for it. You might as well go to the cinema. I think there are many users and the author of a class. There are also some other visitors who are usually very little on the Internet, or novice on the internet. The famous movie website don’t know much, when they can’t find you want to see a movie on a website, will certainly to use Baidu Search, I use Baidu search for "Spider Man 4", you can see a lot of information about it, now that the film has not been released. Take a look at the Baidu index’s data:


Figure 1: Spider Man 4’s Baidu index

from the release time there are more than two months, has been a lot of people search for this keyword, of course, Baidu’s first page of the data are basically Baidu products and several heavy weight large video sites. Baidu doesn’t have to say its own products, and the highly weighted websites produce feature pages, so it’s very difficult for individual movie sites to compete.

then choose the long tail word

of the good website

already mentioned above, personal movie website and large website that cannot compete very hot words, how to choose the long tail keywords right? Think under the above two types of target people will be what kind of search keywords, it can refer to Baidu search and Baidu know. Take the keyword "Spider Man 4" as an example, users will like to search the following keywords:

1, spider man 4

2, Spider Man 4 download

3, Spider Man 4 Mandarin

4, Spider Man 4 Hd

5, Spider Man 4 Mandarin HD

6, Spiderman 4 HD Mandarin edition

above listed these users insist on search long tail word, in fact, you can also dig more long tail words. These long tail words are relatively small in competition, >

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