Diary serial Student webmaster site two

maxim: if you compare the webmaster to the car, then A5 is the Rolls-Royce in the car. He cautiously, powerful, safe movement, no noise, even when driving with a full cup of water on the dashboard will not spill a drop. Of course I can’t compare with garbage stations, but even garbage stations, I’m going to be a fighter in the garbage dump!


in March, china. The sun caressed the earth silently, and at the same time gave birth to a young man’s heart.

these days, unsuspectingly I, once naive to think that no matter how garbage station as long as diligent, you can go out to promote. As long as you can spread out, there must be traffic, as long as there is traffic, we will succeed. Until my tears It passes like this. Schiff, or frost. I know I was wrong, wrong can not extricate themselves, incorrigible. Flow is king, content is king, I understand is so shallow. Finally, now, I can only use words to record my half month promotion website, the time left for my traces.

historical factors, the novice is always attracted by the title party, I think this is a common problem for most novice webmaster. Earn 200, earn 300. days to see these, at that time I was so excited, so crazy, how many day and night doing the same night dream. Great hopes, great self – execution. I am tired of doing, do not hesitate to do. The final almost lost in the ocean of Internet, hit head broken and bleeding. Failure, but very deep, I’m still young, I will continue to struggle, I firmly believe that my youth, I call the shots!


.QQ promotion, the ups and downs in all words,

‘s first attempt was to understand the QQ promotion in "day 500", and many things seemed so simple. Is not for QQ, who will not apply ah ~ ~ but 100 QQ? Is not opened a space, who will not open ah ~ ~ but 100 space? Not is to join a dating platform, who will not join ah ~ ~ but 100 QQ were added to 100


Socrates once said in the course of the lecture: "who can guarantee to raise your arms 50 times a day?" about half said they could do it. 7 days later, Socrates asked, "how many times have you been doing it for a week?" the man who raised his hand was 1/4. A month later, when he asked again, only a few men raised their hands. A year later, the memories have forgotten this matter, Socrates suddenly asked: "you who keep the lifting arm Mody in this year?" everyone is silent, when a student stood up and said: "teacher, I have to do every day, and I have been going to this life will insist on doing." This man was the great Platon who later became famous as socrates.

yes, I think so. So I persevered. For a whole week, I became Master Kong and a bucket of hardcore fans. I heard that unity is sold every time

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