College students entrepreneurship to promote entrepreneurship in Fengxian County revenue

college-graduate village official as the backbone elements of the rural areas construction, should conform to the national call of the management activities, through active learning scientific knowledge, encourage and guide the rural residents to generate revenue through entrepreneurial income, improve the level of economy.

typical demonstration, strengthen brand awareness. Give full play to the exemplary role of advanced models to encourage college students village officials will be bigger and stronger entrepreneurial projects, the formation of brand. Founded in 2009 in Xuzhou Hanbang pride of Modern Agriculture Development Co. Ltd., Fengxian County college-graduate village official’s first venture brand, through the restructuring of the transformation, the development of electronic commerce, selling fruit, canned yellow peach and other products, sales of more than 2 million yuan, becoming the county’s electricity supplier business leader. The demonstration has emerged under the guidance of Chinese wind, Tianjun fruit edge hit off more than 10 well-known brands college-graduate village official business.


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