Domain name selection skills how to find the most suitable domain name for yourself

set up a website first need is the domain name of the website, select the domain name has become a major problem facing many webmaster, today from the domain name platform to select the domain name itself individually for each stationmaster to explain, hope the webmaster can read this article, I believe that after reading this article you are able to choose a suitable building the domain name of the website.

First look at the domain name

platform, now relatively high degree of credibility of the domain name platform: Gd, A5, ename. 22, xinnet. net. west263, HUPO, if you want to select a domain name I suggest in this platform to buy GD website which is registered, the international English website, the other is the most famous, and reputation very good, are suitable for your choice, believe that everyone in the Admin5 website also spent such a long time, the credibility of how everyone is clear, I have registered several domain names in A5, the effect is still possible.


look at domain selection techniques, domain selection skills include domain name, domain name with weight value with meaning, first with the weight value starting from the domain name, the domain name weight value contains the domain name suffix, the domain name itself weight, for example you are to do a city website, such as Beijing City, so in the middle of the best domain name is the domain name is "Beijing", after the.Com domain, but the domain name has already been registered by others, this time how to do? We have to learn to work methods, such as the Beijing people can use the beijingren domain name.COM, if still being registered can choose beijingjia, beijingshi and so on. Let the domain name with weight value must let domain contains all the Pinyin of the city, the user in the search when the word Beijing your website with the domain name itself contains With this word, virtually improve the status of the search engine, for the site to do escort role. Look at the role of.COM in China, hundreds of millions of Internet users are most familiar or.COM domain, so the domain name is the first choice of webmaster, if you do not have to register the domain name.Com, then choose.Net domain name, the domain name itself so that it can make the weight to be with the corresponding show.


domain name with special meaning is meaning the domain name contains, we all know that QQ website, website, website, Taobao market pat website, the domain name of the website does not have these special meaning, QQ did not say, is mainly used to publish and exchange of information, and how is the market in the city, so Ganji has become the current domestic important information exchange site. and pat everyone from the two words can be seen, one is to Amoy baby, one is to shoot the baby, it is to let the user through a reasonable price to choose the right baby, so that the user will be in virtually the two websites stored, so in the choice of domain name.

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