‘m a grassroots How about you

often in some webmaster online see, many people are in the "grassroots webmaster" discussion like fire, which in the end the webmaster is qualified to be crowned "grassroots webmaster" title,


each head of state of extreme nervousness., began to do stand even reach the grass "stationmaster" qualifications, not to mention can be regarded as a grassroots, but is with three points of passion to do stand, completely out of the station to do the interest into the root, and fully deserve to enjoy others of their own "grassroots webmaster" name.

this stage do stand level should be just enough to the fifth grade primary school level, remember to conceive a website related to education and training, just started to think the site should include what the site’s home page column how to set, how to design the style of this kind of problem, even the website name, domain name did not want to put a good idea to website development to go see a billboard will look under the URL and name can not be up collocation in the way, think of what is what, not thinking at any time with the record, the real to start to stand, open a DW in a daze, in front of the computer to listen to countless music, constantly open related industries to website can absorb what from each station, such as time has been found to Borrow something without signing in, but with the open entertainment information, from time to time and friends in QQ exchange of so-called views, summed up, found nothing to do, in front of the computer empty day.

until one day, a chat with a friend, a friend said the total net abbreviation is ZW, "whole" and focus on the meaning of education, and referred to as edu, the two – change in order to fight a few times to check the Internet, ah eduzw combination has not used, so the fart put the fart station name under the. "China total education network" good a style name, a friend said in the chat, I smiled, really is a gas, a man secretly happy most of the day, I thought to get this name is "Scarecrow" and "Fu grass".

development process on the big skin, but fortunately, friends in technical proficiency, and occasionally will encounter problems tell me, then think, hey…… This year you do not own development really do not know the process of boring! But would like to return to find themselves can not change this bad habit, but is not always want to study deeply, even now, my level is not related to stop before the fifth grade. I want to step into the grass roots when the state is, as mentioned above, a word – miserable, can not bear to block.

however, truly to do one thing people will find that success is not difficult, Chinese total education network www.eduzw.com from the site began to develop now on-line, because of its particularity and pertinence, it included the amount of Baidu continues to improve, the website ranking is gradually rising, in addition to the in the original, the quantity of information for the site, almost all.

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