How to do four major elements of website safety construction

construction site security is very important for the development of the site, many sites without Caution! Prevention is likely to cause to lose the bad luck, of course for the webmaster if we can actively face security problems on the site, the sheep died up it is not too late. So, we should pay attention to the safety of building their own websites from what


is usually the site is safe to prevent people who have an ulterior motive to hang black chain, hanging horse and left the back door, there are a lot and now there are loopholes in the site, especially some of the free CMS station program, often because of the negligence of the programmer, or the webmaster in the site did not pay attention to the protection of the password, use the default password thus, the site easily attacked by hackers, now also a lot of just getting started computer students, in order to verify their superb hacking techniques, often take the site to start, so I did not want to profit, but let the personal webmaster harvest great pain! We are going to talk about the four elements of security the Raiders


: a black chain guard Raiders, general hacker in the home page of the website or the content page to hang a piece of code, let the search engine think website derived a link, and this code is very subtle, in our usual simple maintenance of the website is not to see, then you can by IE the View menu, find the source file, and through the Ctrl+F search, for example. For example: "< a href="" target=" _blank"; > Baidu < /a>" content page is the same. If you find it later. You can download, Index.php and other files through the Ftp to delete, upload and cover. This basically solved the problem of hanging black chain, of course, after solving the problem, we must through the password settings to strengthen the security of the site protection, so as to ensure future security performance of the site!


two: Trojan guard Raiders, usually Trojans are joined a Iframe code in the HTML page, and the code is easy to download to the client through the JS script above, so that other people’s computer is infected with a Trojan virus, in order to solve this problem, we can query the iframe home page at the beginning of the paragraph, then use the tool to conduct the investigation, in addition to advanced point hackers also use js scripting language to Trojan, Trojan this cleaning difficulty will be relatively large, usually can find back from the PHP folder and the ASP file, then copy to text replacement tool, then the whole point of the folder can be replaced if there is a master, using JS in encrypted form to invade your website and horse words, it should be clear to the whole site, at the same time package Including database, background and server, etc.

three: server security Raiders, some space providers in order to save costs, there is no installation >

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