ndividual stationmaster fragile group persistent heart

I’m a personal station owner. I’ve done a lot of garbage stations, and now there’s nothing left.

if you do dumpster, then, is just to satisfy a vanity, so I will resolutely to a fallen countless garbage station’s advise you say: don’t waste your time. Because once, I was because of the so-called "like" and now, almost desperate. How many times have I cleared the lost hours in the dark, and how many times have I tried to count the RMB for registering a domain name? How many times did I want to quit the stage?. How many times did you ever end up breaking up with your girlfriend because of your website?. Once, how many have been, because they are unprofessional and almost to the server tears. How many times were there once?……

but I have always said to myself in the darkest hours, "there is a light ahead."."

light? Where is it? Maybe I’m a sentimental person. Maybe I’m a persistent person. Maybe I’m a dream man, maybe…… Talk about everything before you reach your goal. Because you don’t know what you will be in the future. And I’m such a lost man.

Ding house doing half a year after I turned it off, because every day passed the bile collection of others worry about the starting point carefully, looking for me. But about what you write the lost thing H network security department to come to me, really poor novel station.

street fashion to change to the network do not know what changed, finally made a point of rhythmical things, fashion elements, is a garbage station.

3A entertainment for a week on the off, and really can not stand those who do not even see their own things, but every day on the Internet to cheat traffic.


each site opened and closed, closed and opened, all doubt whether they have "hesitation", even the girlfriend can not stand it. But there’s a website that I’ve been doing all the time and it’s like keeping up appearances. Of course, for this website, I have the absolute confidence to try, plan, and do it well. Although it also draws on other people’s content, but I think everyone must walk, first put on shoes, shoes will not be your own production of it.

popularity is very important, money is very important, those things to a personal webmaster is life. Once in the most difficult times, I give up when struggling on the edge, so I looked up and said to myself: "ordinary people in the face of the general difficulties, may be a mosquito will kill you, however great, when on the brink of death, he will use the last breath to get rid of death."

don’t give up if you really fall in love with it, no matter how hard it is, because it is there.

, like the domain name of the 120 Health Network (120ing.com), add a ing to "120" and ">"

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