Talking about how to make profit for talent website

talking about talent networks, many people think this industry is very strange. I don’t know much about it. I don’t seem to have much interest in it, but let’s go to Baidu and find out how profitable this market is.

, otherwise, it can not be so many companies in Baidu smashed money, talent net profit mainly depends on the collection of enterprise membership fees, enterprise membership fee is generally a month of 300, 3000 a year. Most of the places with some popularity are at the price of the talent website. Talent network, as long as the 1000IP can be profitable, my talent network intends to start charging 10.1 in 2007. Can I charge now, but I do not want to pay so early, not for a little petty profits to give up long-term development direction, first base pitch.

thumbs talent system, with you to analyze the Henan elite network, [url] done 2 years. Monthly earned. 50 thousand or so. You can go to his station every day to see his new charging members, and the red ones are all paid members. Now he also recruited a salesman, do a website to understand his operation mode, talent is like this, can’t wait for business to give you pay, to discover the potential users, now the main sales model is telephone sales. 10 salesman, sell 5 enterprise members every week is 15000, the fastest growing talent network is Nantong elite talent nets pull. [url][/url] his station is now tens of thousands of IP every day. Monthly income should be at least 200 thousand or so. Because he has done a lot of other cities talent network, as well as a number of sub stations to profit by the site. Monthly income is at least one million, like five hundred million talent networks.

companies send money to them every day. Recruitment network also has some insider, that is, many insurance agents on the top recruit people, do his downline. There are some Swindlers Company. Therefore, recruitment network to make money, not only by the salesman, but also by line of profit model. Opening a job fair. Part time agencies. Some companies need part-time jobs. You can help them find part-time jobs and send out flyers. College students are big groups. earns 5 on an intermediary business each month. 60 thousand pieces. If the station master doesn’t talk to me, I don’t know yet. It’s also beginning to be a talent net. Broaden the wider path.

, go ahead. Friends。 Check out the call number below There are more than 10. Think about it, why,


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