Three enlightenments of goddess of the National Congress to the design of University Official Websit



] the NPC goddess "coming the Renmin University of China official website is a hot, this paper summarizes the design of the three factors for the success of the University’s official website: more personality, more female, more human.

"goddess of the people" fire! Recently, the official website of Renmin University of China published a single photo of the beauty graduates, girls fresh and beautiful image, quickly lead to hot Internet users. For a while, visitors came in, the volume of visits climbed sharply, and the server was paralyzed.


that review of tenderness, captured countless eyeballs – a University official website has been able to get such a high degree of attention, such a grand event is rare. In the joint enrollment war fierce competition, people with excellent official website home page top, certainly a lot of extra points, this is the National People’s congress victory belongs to the product design and operation of victory. Today, we might as well from the product point of view of the NPC’s homepage design chat one or two, hoping for the current slightly dull University official website to bring some new perspectives and inspiration.

a little more personality,

official website exists, one of the most important features lies in the external display. Therefore, each university should establish a home of their own, the one and only style, style should be a look so memorable, let visitors immediately to the school idea, atmosphere, characteristics and vision to produce reasonable lenovo.


NPC’s home page clearly reflects its style. Even though I didn’t know anything about Renmin University of China before, I could feel a lot of antique and humanistic breath while browsing through the website. Home tones and campus buildings complement each other, and when the picture is full of pages, it is full of visual impact. Enter the article carefully check the details of each Gufengguyun are integrated in the website, the overall design is impressive all blend into one harmonious whole. All this, so that people’s home page style is so exclusive, so difficult to copy, so it is so memorable.

in other colleges and universities in the home page, mostly failed to form their own unique style. Looked at the circle, the most typical color is black and white blue, conservative more than enough, lack of personality. The production of Logo and themes, which schools have no problem, the homogenization of the serious, the lack of personality, has become a major problem.

a little more, female

Art University, home of the goddess in the fight;


Normal University, campus scenery unchanged for thousands of years;


two >

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