Webmaster should focus on doing long term things rational view of network speculation

this time the Internet is very lively, not only many doors have emerged, some influential man also overnight popular network. In the Baidu search list, a sudden understanding of the network recently concerned about the hot spots, and some hot spots even a week later, still hot unabated, topped the list. In this era of speculation has been rife, do not know what is the believe, what is speculation, according to the audience’s mood, laugh, right when the talk at leisure.

Xi Li Ge from February 23rd influential man in the BBS posts in a "seckill ultimate gorgeous best passers guy! Nice to stab blind your eyes!" and details of human qiuqin who quickly became popular, was friends known as "gourmet beggar". Many people are curious about Xi Li Ge. Baidu’s search volume is 881537 this week, topping the weekly hot spot list. I also searched Xi Li Ge’s related news and pictures. It was really cool, but I didn’t feel too much after seeing it. Today, watching Baidu’s fastest vocabulary top rankings, actually see "deep elder brother", is Xi Li Ge after another beggar brother. For this deep brother, attention is not so high, this means of follow the trend is not too smart.

to follow the trend of hot pursuit, there is a valley sister had to say. Google’s China event, Google’s fate in China, so many people continue to guess, do not know how the final fate of Google China?. Under the current national environment, the development of Google in China has become difficult with the aim of deviating from China’s relevant systems. Also at this time, Gu sister with absolute fortress image, with thunder as the potential to appear in front of the public. Valley sister launched at that time, indeed received a lot of attention and reports, the flow of sister Valley is also constantly innovative high. But although the creativity is good, along with the Google China event’s suppression, the grain elder sister’s figure also gradually fades the Internet users’ line of sight. Rely on hot news color, destined not to have long-term active, the focus is dull, if not timely transformation, doomed to return to normal.

many owners often take hot press speculation, short-term traffic flow, which greatly improves the network exposure and attention, but after a hot and calm back. If you can continue to create hot spots, attract users attention, short-term traffic can bring substantial changes to the site. For example, the current hot spots of "Shoushou", although can bring traffic to the site, but the punishment and fight against the spread of pornographic video with the relevant regulations, individual owners can only quietly removed this can bring traffic but a "hot potato" keywords. If there is often hot spots and timely dissemination of the site may be formed long-term concern and stickiness of users, but if only short-term, and the interval is very long, the same is useless.

in the A5 bbs.admin5.com version of the chat forum repeatedly, some old Adsense often say in sharing experience, promotion not anxious, when the site is still not perfect, the content is not enough to attract attention, they choose not to promote. If you want to do long-term things, you must endure loneliness and not follow the trend

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