Money blog appeared in Baidu Google search engine secret

Qian Boke ( The afternoon of May 2, 2008 on the line, but the money blog on the afternoon of May 3, 2008 appeared in the Baidu and Google search engine, how did I do? I did the work? Here announced this terrible secret.

(2008-05-03 14:37:16) in the afternoon of money blog has released a new article: money blog is how to get the friendship connection? Then I will reprint this article, Admin5 (2008-05-03 15:04), Admin5 released the topic: how money blog operation experience obtained new friendship connection. Immediately, this article was Baidu, Google included.

, take a look at the picture first. This will explain the problem more intuitively.


this is the article published in Admin5: money, blog, operating experience, new sites, how to get friendship connection, has been included in Baidu and Google.


Baidu input: money blog, query to page second,


Google input: money blog, query to page fifth,

facts also proved, new station need some soft Wen auxiliary promotion. Thank you, admin5. Also look forward to my money blog, a day earlier by Baidu Google included.

at the same time, money blog ( / friendship connection, as long as you are as long as you have a blog, blog, blog as long as you earn money, earn money or not, they can contact me, adding money blog. QQ:50741165

this text original address:, id=7 reprint, please famous address and

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