Talking about the design and manufacture of wallpaper stand

originally sent an article about wallpaper station design in admin5. It feels a little shallow now, so it’s released again today.

1. first talk about the difficulty of the wallpaper station

wallpaper is different from the news site requirements is still relatively large bandwidth (basic between download station and news sites), do not do 3gp Wallpapers Download Movies. I feel now (wallpaper station itself the bandwidth requirements of + + is hotlinking acquisition) bandwidth is much. Sorry, I’m sorry.

in the premise of bandwidth guarantee, wallpaper station and search engines for less text content. The similarity of the pages is very high, and it is easy to change to alternate content. (cat cat wallpaper has already paid a lot of attention in this area)

no nonsense. Here’s the main problem. Take my new site as an example (

1.url optimization, the album Pinyin as url. Such as movies, TV albums, that’s

do not end with index.html and end with directory directly. This URL will be a bit larger. At the same time, after the Pinyin of GG very friendly (direct Pinyin search, then, URL Pinyin in the GG inside a lot of weight.

2. site structure


personal recommendation uses a two level tree topology. At most not more than three layers, spiders go to the outside of the third floor, crawling will be very tired (see online).

each layer contains links to the previous layer. It’s easy for spiders to crawl,

3. code

try to make your page code concise and clear. Never put all the N lines together. (would you be tired of reading that code if you were a spider)

4.descript tags and keywords tags should be concise and to the point. For example, wallpaper stand can be the keyword + picture wallpaper download suffix + site name

suggests using the H1 tag in the caption at the beginning of the picture. Use the STRONG or label at the bottom of the page. To highlight the keyword

5. new station just got up, friendship connection is very important. Don’t pursue high PR connections. As long as the normal included on the OK. Do 2-3 for ok every day.

          IMAGE.BAIDU.COM;     6.; finally, we all know that the late web site will give you a lot of traffic. So I suggest you describe the picture on the ALT tag exactly, don’t copy it

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