Zhu Hongjian talk about the benefits of grass roots after changing Pv6

in recent years, the Internet in the world is in the stage of rapid development. At the same time of Internet development, the number of Internet users is increasing constantly. With the increasing number of Internet users, but also gradually leads to the remaining amount of the IP address is becoming less and less, until the time of 08 years and hundreds of domestic and foreign media reported a surprising news, "China IP resources has spent 80%, two years after the new users may not be able to surf the internet.

orange home by looking for information found: IPv4 protocol using a 32 bit address, you can support 4 billion 300 million unique IP address. By contrast, IPv6 uses 128 bit addresses, which greatly expands the range of addresses available. Some experts expect IPv6 to provide a unique IP address for every inch of the earth’s.


then, more and more experts to the world shouted: "we must act quickly to upgrade IPv4 to IPv6, let every Internet users around the world can have a IP address of their own." After reading the above information, there may be a lot of grassroots webmaster has not realized that from IPv4 upgrade to IPv6, what kind of benefits will it bring to you?. Then I said under investigation, currently in Chinese sixty-two point five percent grassroots do share the same IP and others, that is to say, if a IP as long as there is a web site search engine drop right because the collection content, will be linked to other sites on the IP collective search engine drop right abandoned, is what we often say that the K station. This is a very scary thing, I believe that a web site, there is nothing unfortunate, can suffer compared to suffer search engines blocked, but also miserable thing. Only an independent IP binding sites on their own, to avoid such incidents is one of the best ways, and if the site is independent IP will make the search engine more trust you, so as to increase the web site in the search rankings improve. Most of the webmaster understand the truth, but not a few people can go to him, why is it, in the final analysis, IP is too little, too expensive, not enough reasons. CNNIC has done a lot of restrictions in this regard, the domestic number is only that several IDC won the IP distribution alliance qualification.

you think, if the time when IPv4 is really replaced by IPv6, then the number of IP repositories will be impressive. No matter how many IP will be assigned to China by the global Internet Organization, it can be sure that it will be ten times even dozens of times. Where things to dilute your, IP more will become worthless, and then when the Chinese grassroots to open new sites, certainly no longer for independent IP worry, no longer for innocent search engine K dropped cup, depressed.

postscript: 610 government agencies, educational websites and other industry organizations have been counted in Europe, Middle East and Asia, and 17% of them have been upgraded to IPv6

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