The experience and experience of Anhui dating service for one year

remember this time last year, the Anhui marriage network has just been on the line, when the site and now really no comparison. No popularity, no traffic. I am not a professional network industry, has been in the traditional industry with the traditional work of website operation at most only a basic understanding of SEO, website promotion such as the basic means is absolutely ignorant of many times, can only use the most stupid way, although after nearly a year of development, Anhui marriage network ( has become the most professional in Anhui, the most serious marriage, dating sites, but there are still a lot of problems, but from scratch, step by step, and it has entered a virtuous cycle of basic road, when we walked back up, there is still a little experience and novice webmaster said.

1, content is king, original first

for this title, for the webmaster, is a headache. Such is the case。 We don’t read as much as we do. What did you say?. I believe many webmaster have been using this "famous saying" as the standard to do the station. Many webmaster friends have already understood this point, and I must have paid no attention to my topic. Indeed, this article belongs to the old saying again, the idea is not new, if you are the old stationmaster, you must scold me. But if you are a new webmaster, even if you have heard and I said "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence, but you may experience this sentence is not deep, or you of this sentence is not enough attention, trouble you look down. The following will focus on my own website "Anhui marriage nets" practice, realize the "content is king, the chain is emperor" this sentence importance.

last July, my website "Anhui marriage network" was on the line. The first more than 20 days, every day I updated the original or false original articles and add the chain, only twenty days, Baidu has included me more than 2000 pages, even more gratifying is that the popular keywords in this industry Anhui marriage network "I took 20 days to do the Baidu first,,, every day! From the Baidu search volume over, has reached 500 IP, you know, just do a website twenty days, in such a competitive keywords, row to the first page, I was happy for several days did not sleep well! I thought the original Baidu keywords ranking who is not difficult! Know, Baidu immediately punish rujierzhi! Second days, key words immediately fell to the third page; third days, can’t find. Baidu snapshot back to half a month ago. I realized that my website was put into a "sandbox" Baidu! From Baidu search volume over 500 from the original IP, leaving only the poor less than 100 IP, the only relief, Baidu hasn’t K my station, I still have a chance to save


in order to save my website, I surf the Internet every day looking for information. As a result, or to the webmaster network forum, read a lot of how to let Baidu resume website weight article, seriously understand the A5 article said "content is king, original first" inside

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