Stationmaster please rational do station do not so impetuous

has been in A5 for some time, not much (in fact, I sometimes want to say a few words, but I haven’t heard A5, so I can’t make a speech, I hope I can do it this time), but I have also read a lot of friends’ articles. We found that personal webmaster seems to have been a fickle mood surrounded, such as what the garbage station, what the traffic and so on, if we can’t get a IP on the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in the short term, can not live like, if not in the short term to earn money, the site will be closed tomorrow immediately, webmaster it will starve to death immediately.

is really like this? I admit that may indeed be stationmaster income depends entirely on the website, but I think most people probably like me, have their own work, is the site of their time engaged? Not return site did not die soon? This is precisely the biggest advantage of personal webmaster, my website free 10 years site no


to talk about myself, is a very ordinary working people, I also have a website, has been running for 1 years, the average time of 60% after work is on the site of, spent money to buy space and domain names, in fact, every year will spend so little money, I think most people spend some money or some server and domain names, so it is anxious to give you money? How the flow of small, the key is the user’s loyalty is right, my site every day to the new is not much, but look immediately off too many, but those who come back the user is really very loyal, loyal to the first thing may be the Internet is to my website, not only that, but also very eager to write to me to tell their ideas. Why? Is it because I’m "lucky"? Of course not,

I think, only to sink in the heart, the heart website, gives users a real benefits, all for the sake of users, rather than a few to open the page on the pop-up window, or to let the user be careful on your ads will truly be able to retain users, with these real users the site, it can really grow.

sees the friend that has A5 to say, the website reflects the quality of a stationmaster, I agree with very much. The Internet is like real life. By deception and empty talk, the weather is out of the question. So, personal webmaster, should sink heart, really for your users bring benefits, don’t for money and traffic by blind eyes. Maybe you want to say "do not make money, I open what station," such words, but please look at the world’s success website, their focus has always been to meet the needs of users. Want to succeed? Think for yourself.

A5 starter, please keep the address

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