Site user experience never underestimate the user’s needs for improvement


[editor’s note]: This is a summary of the surprising improvements made by the Chagemakers team on the UI interface revision. Sometimes, a minor change can be a surprise, so developers should remember to never underestimate the user’s need for improvement.

the whole story goes like this: I have a good friend who has been with us to suggest using Ajax to write our famous quotes page. Because this is not in our plans, we believe that this change should be the priority by comparison, because we believe that this is a kind of aesthetic improvement, and no increase in what practical for users.

, however, this is not a friend of the purpose of oath not willingly give up people, he not to mind taking the trouble to give us some advice, considering he is good in the aesthetic feeling, but also to let him not bother us, we decided to find a weekend to change, make pull down.



Ajax enabled us to have a discussion on interactivity and paging references, and we quickly discovered the great value of this functionality. The core element of the design strategy, you know, is how to create an atmosphere that can foster inspiration, which requires a series of chemical reactions. We drew together and finally worked out the result.


(old UI screenshots)

we need to do such an interactive effect: not only can increase the beauty of the reference, but also enhance the user experience. In short, we consider the user’s habits, change our design, including on both sides of the translucent arrow, the user can also use the arrow keys to switch at the same time, the speed has also been significantly improved, allowing users to feel the excitement and a sense of trust in the browse. I’m not afraid to tell you that we were so addicted to these details that we could hardly get out of it.


The final result of the

is shown in the figure above.

implementation of

at first glance, you’ll think this little thing can be done by just one person for an hour. At the beginning we want, as long as we get some jQuery program is good, but the real programming manito know it will die, which is so simple.

simply, we must resolve the conflict with the current quotes in the bottom of the page the social sharing features caused, while ensuring the speed of loading, so that the user can override the URL copy specific quotation links, fixed browser navigation (forward and back buttons), bulk loading reference data, the specific script here not listed, interested readers can through the.

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